Spannerpunky Badge

Badge for 'Punks who have shown exceptional mechanical prowess! These must be self-done and not garage jobs or getting a friend to do it for you!

Awarded in 3 levels:
Bronze - Replace something of reasonable difficulty on your own car: Coilovers, Radiator, etc
Silver - Replace or fix something pretty major, we’re talking new gearbox, engine changes or similar
Gold - The big guns, extensive custom work (changing diff internals, forging or porting engine parts, custom turbo/itb setup)

  • Yes, I wanna get my ratchets out!
  • Well that’s silly, no!

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Remind me are these back datable? I have pulled out half my turbo bits and project its has stalled until have finished some exams around June as I can’t justify studying up on its and not real stuff :sweat_smile:

Yeah, sure!

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Can I claim a silver plz! Me and @killachipmunk have swapped my engine and box today!

Not even sure this is an actual badge yet, and even so, by the rules stated…


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Is it not? :stuck_out_tongue: Well it was a 2 man job!

Yeah… Not a badge yet…

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Think if this one did get put through, we’d have to link it to the blogs, have it as a kinda ‘made walk through’ for ‘X’ thing…


Yep, I agree… Think it needs to be a little more specific and some kind of write up about it maybe? With photos… Not saying any one woukd, but how can you prove its been DIY’D? I also dont think we should be backdating badges, sorry guys :joy: cant just make something up and then backdate… I mean, how far back would we go in the history of DIY jobs, Ive swapped 5 engines ffs :joy:

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Yep, would defo be deserving of a write-up, that’s a cool idea!
Would make it backdatable as you’d have to have a blog post documenting it anyways?

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Think I posted up in another thread… Going to try to backdate badges to new year 2017 for all badges that existed at that date. Dont know yet if we will backdate badges to dates before they existed tho


think you’ll be playing catch up for a very long time if you do :joy: I think the start of the year/ suggested badge date would be an idea place to start. But, its you making them and doing the puter work, so do as you will Punkfather :laughing:

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If you started back dating, I’d have to dig out some of my old forum posts and projects. :joy:
1 of the most memorable was rebuilding a Sherman tank Detroit diesel engine, that was fitted in a 1942 6x6 Mack truck.
But, I did have to have a mate help me, seeing as the cylinder heads weighed around 200kgs each, so I wouldn’t qualify for a gold badge… :joy:

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But do you have any photos :thinking::joy: pics or it didnt happen!! :sweat_smile:

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