Sleeping at a show badge


This is the badge for those who can’t make a full day at a show. Be it from a early start or purely because they’re lazy! Anyone who falls asleep at a show (photographic proof required) will be awarded this badge!

  • Yes! Name and shame!
  • Nah. I’m the one who falls asleep!

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To my shame I had to leave early…


@Palmer slept alot of Japday in the footwell of my passenger side lol. @Yetidragon has photos!


And @josh_nc2


I’m sure plenty of people will be awarded this one after yesterday, aha


I always doze off half way through the day lol :joy:


Slackers sleep if for the weak! Give me a taser and ban show naps I say :stuck_out_tongue: (I may just want a taser for reasons and be using this as an excuse)


I think a sister badge is required @BamBam

“Snooze you lose” - awarded for hilarious pranks played on the weak sleepers!!!


I second @Sketchy’s motion it’s carried it’s a badge now


@Yetidragon is this going to be an official badge now? I have 11 yes votes :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I reckon this is a go-er… added to the coming soon pile :smiley:


Then I get a Creator of a Badge badge :stuck_out_tongue:


yep :stuck_out_tongue:


James Bright needs one of these too!


FFS it can be added to my collection of badges I don’t have :blush:


So Does @Andrew_Grayson


I was meditating. Lol


I think I may have earnt this one at Japfest :wink:


yes I believe you did… you know thats minus point tho yeah? hahaha


Whoop whoop!!!
Minus points for Team truckers hat and self tapper!!!

You guys suck balls!!!