Shows for 2016 - discussion

Japfest - date TBC
Japfest 2 - date TBC
Donnington Historic - 30th april to 2nd May
Retrorides - 26th-28th august
JAE - 8 to 11th september
Japshow - 9th and 10th July
santa pod 2016 calendar: click me
player’s shows - both TBC
trax - date TBC

I’m definatley in for most of these. Especially Donington Historic. Been for the last 4 years and never once regretted it

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Spring performance action day at combe in april not sure on the date but i myself got a 25 car stand just from my welsh group so im sure if we can merge together get a pretty big stand together.

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Japfest is 24th April and is in a new location of Silverstone

Got room for me? Punks don’t generally get to combes own days as not many round here, bloody northerners, but I’m local.

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If you have a stand and a space ill be there regardless of location or type of show :slight_smile:

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People on Nutz are starting to ask Japfest questions…any plans yet from Mr Dragon?

yep yep, threads going live this weekend Mr Captain

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Shows and events for 2016 so far…

21st February Super Peaks Meet “The Rehappening”
18th March OPL Blyton Track day
2nd April Spring Performance Car Action Day
9th April Punks go to The Fast Show 2016
23rd April Punks go to Japfest 2016
30th April Punks go to Donington Historic Festival 2016
19th June Super Peaks Meet 2
26th June Punks at Japfest 2 2016
10th July Jap Show
19th August Punks Summer Holiday
25th August Retro Rides
8th September punks at JAE
25th September Punks go to Trax
23rd October Super Peaks Meet 3

added into OP :blush:

Punks summer holiday?!?

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Ultimate street Car?

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Retro Rides, USC and Jap Show have all been added into OP with links :slight_smile:

We were thinking of going to this, as we’re fairly local. Any interest?

me and megan are going to that with Mazda Community UK :slight_smile:

Never heard of them! We might just do it as a day out then rather than join a stand. Don’t even know which cars we’ll have on the road by then

It’s a facebook group that james clarke and tom mace set up…mostly people from portsmouth area but it is slowly expanding

i be going to beaulieu show as well

Also im organising a mx5 weekend event in south/mid wales july 3rd-4th