Sheffiield Friday daytime convoy to Japfest


It’s coming up fast! The weekend that is Japfest and Trax Donington :slight_smile:

I know we will be all over the place with arrival times, with some people working late, some having half days etc. so convoys won’t be as busy as usual. But , there a Friday daytime one heading down to get to the campsite early afternoon and get gazebo and BBQ etc set up.

Time is flexible at the moment. Meeting points will be services along the M1 depending on who’s coming :slight_smile:

So shout up if you wanna get down there early and relax with a few beers and food :slight_smile:

Stops along the way (Can add more :slight_smile: ) - times coming
Sheffield City Centre
Trowell Services

Japfest Donington and Trax Donington
United MX5 Takeover Stand Japfest Donington June 30th

I’m up for the early convoy see you at trowell services again pal!!


Sweet :smiley:
I think @Lokki and @Jaqs are in on it too… believe they are on about getting there for about 2.


Yeah we are planning to be there around 2pm Friday afternoon


2 pm at trowell or Donnington?


At donny, can meet you at trowel if you like, there will be me jaqs and the wacky racer


Cool just let me know what time at Trowell and I’ll be there !


Yeah will get something organised


1PM at Trowell , leaisurly stop then on to Donington?


Ok sounds good to me


See you at 1 pm Friday :+1::+1:


Just gotta get a tent now !!!


yeah that will help dude


I’ll try make it but think that may be 30 mins to an hour too early as gotta get back from Melton first and then back down in the fastback


I have a tent :grinning::grinning::grinning: still no tickets though!!!


i am to understand the tickets will arrive very shortly


Morning all,

Been chatting to Matt, and I’ll be joining you guys for the Sheffield convoy - not that I’ve met any of you before!

I take the term ‘forum lurker’ to a new level


Wouldn’t mind meeting you lot at services, even if it’s extra miles. Convoy ahoy!


I’ll be there from one you know what my car looks like, I’ll park away from the main entrance up to the left of the carpark


I should be able to join the convoy now fingers crossed