Sheffield/chesterfield summer super peaks convoy


as per title there will be an 8.00 meeting point at Tesco chesterfield leaving at 8.30, if anyone would like to join us from there give us a shout here


I think @Frankenfive is playing point man and leading everyone to the yonderman.

Ill be there :smiley:


yep @Frankenfive will lead the way from tesco chesterfield, i will be at the yonderman ready to get pics of everyone arriving and sneaking an early coffee in :grin:


I’ll probably see you there too, depending what time I I manage to get my arse out of bed!


Don’t be too late they do an awesome breakfast!!!


Oh don’t worry, I will definitely be there for breakfast. I am well versed in the yonderman nosh :smiley:


I’ll be at bit tesco in Chesterfield from 8am if anyone wants to meet there. Setting off at about 8.30am to the yonderman