Right I have some stuff for sale!


Mk2.5 1800 block in good order
Mk2.5 head with rocker cover
Mk2.5 inlet with injectors (if @TrikeLife94 hasn’t sold it)
Mk2 head with slight skim
Mk 2 vics intake (no vics solenoid)
Mk2 injectors (purple red I think) with injection loom
Mk2 engine mounts x2 sets
Sump, undrilled x2 ideal for turbo build
1800 water pump only a years use
Mk2 oil pump in good order

Make me an offer on any or all of it. I know what most of it goes for so no silliness please. Collection only but I can take it to Japfest (Saturday) or to Sheffield 5’s if I’m off on a friday


I haven’t sold it yet :slight_smile: so if someone wants it, its in my shed tucked up nice and safe :smiley: