Revenue streams for the forum / Warchest


I would like to table something to the whole community.

This is something that has been mentioned several times before by people in person, but I dont think it has been discussed on the forum as a whole.

I dont think it is any secret that Combustionpunks takes a few pennies to keep running, Forum hosting, Website hosting, software, Gazebos, BBqs, Flags, and all the other support equipment that we like to have around.

Over the years we have had a few different funding streams, none of which have wholly covered the costs of our lifestyle.
These include -

  1. way back in the day we added a couple of quid to show tickets to help get equipment - this proved to be quite good for a while - but also brought headaches all of their own - but regardless of these headaches , in the new age of more and more ticket sales being direct from the organisers this avenue isn’t really open to us anymore
  2. Merch Sales - we have used profits from merch sales to help out with stuff - this isn’t a huge revenue stream though, and is mostly used to make us look even more awesome at the shows.
  3. Donations - something that I have really tried to avoid, but on a few occasions some members have waived change from merch sales, or refused refunds on tickets to let us add to the “Warchest”
  4. Profit from all Waspworks fibreglass products went into the pot - but seeing as I havn’t had time to lay fibreglass in ages - guess what lol
  5. Kitty at JAE helps cover show expenses such as Gas for BBQ.

There are some other suggestions that I have been kicking round, but there are a few technical issues around them. eg, I would love to open up the 'Punks shop to creators within the community who build stuff to use as a point of sale for their goods and benefit from promotion through the forum / group and facebook page in return for a percentage of the sale price. but yeah… havn’t managed to work out all the potential issues around this. - but I degress

over the last few years it has been suggested to me several times to make the forum paid membership only - I do not personally like this idea I don’t want to “charge at the door”

But after chatting onwards an interesting idea was tabled and I would like to see how everyone feels about it.
Some sort of “Supporter / Sponsor / Premium” member thing
The idea is to add value to membership in some way for the members that desire to support the forum further… So if we were going to do this (this is a discussion after all) then how would we “Add value”

Some ideas:-

  1. Supporters Only Section on the forum - not sure how much value that adds though without moving specific content there, possibly could be used as a “birthing” area for the show threads - giving Supporters earlier access to show tickets earlier, and help influence decisions about showes earlier.
  2. Supporters only Merch selection, IE stuff you can only get hold of if you are a supporter, in much the same way as there is Toppunk merch only available to 'Punks that have won featured car on stand (note to self - need to get Toppunks merch into the store)
  3. Supporter badge on forum
  4. Negotiated discounts with other platforms / suppliers.

and others that I forget at the moment, but that is enough to get us started for the discussion.

so… what am I asking?

  1. If some sort of advanced paid for membership would be an idea that would be acceptanble
  2. What sort of incentives shall we try to put in place for this
  3. What sort of annual subscription should we put on this sort of idea?

Thanks in advance for all your input guys :heart:




You know my thoughts on it :slight_smile: :heart:


over on the elgrand forum you can be a normal member ( free) or a premium member for 12 quid.a year premium members can upload photos much easier and more of them as well .its worth the 12 quid for the goldmine of technical info and how too guides.maybe you can go along those lines .if you don’t want to or can’t afford to pay that’s fine with them


ps there’s a premium members area of the website where discounts and offers on various things are such as car parts discount and 1 guy who did a heads up display app on the phone said premium members can have it for free if they wanted


As previously mentioned to most who know me, I have run and supported many clubs and forums over the past 18 years or so, yes free access to great help, discussions and friendships is a priceless thing, but also having it itself is equally important and I integrated a paid membership into a free forum once and the support was staggering. It’s truly amazing what 10-15 quid a year per member can do for a club/forum. And I am Behind you and punks all the way.


I think it is a great idea if managed correctly with the right decision making processes on activities, fund raising et al are in place


I think this is probably the best way to move forward.

100% don’t want the ‘charge at the door’ approach. It’ll alienate people, not everyone fits in with all communities.

Some of the incentives you’ve mentioned would work, the discounts, merch etc.


Confirming I support the idea of a premium membership option.

I’ve been involved in a few gaming forums over the years where we have required donations to keep the servers running. Support there is always overhwelming too - the hosting was always covered with ample left over to run game servers.


I would also support a premium member thing. It’s not easy or cheap to run this sort of thing haha.


I’ve always appreciated all the hard work you put in. Haven’t got any particular ideas but would be happy to go along with whatever’s decided. I know you said you don’t want to ask for donations but I’m pretty sure if there was a bucket or even a genuine chest at each show a lot of people would put in. I know on the couple of JAEs that I ran the kitty any funds left over went back in the pot, that should always be the case and maybe we should ask a little bit more at kitty time x


I have no problem with a premium membership fee.


Ok… bumping this now and getting started on it…

So far this is the framework I’ve got so far:-

Buy membership from shop, maybe monthly subscription, may bonus rates for per 12 month?

Benefits so far:-
Ability to blog on main website in a personal blog
Discount on Punks Merch in the shop
“supporters” badge on the froum and associated sticker
Exclusive Punks Supporter sticker
% Modifier on points in the scoreboards (the scoreeboards are going to make a massive comeback for 2019)

Access to Super Secret Category area which will contain:-
Threads for discounts for 3rd Party suppliers.
Advance access to shows and meets.

Looking for a few more suggestions. so please shout up with any ideas that you have, if they are vialble then we can roll them into it :smiley:


So glad you’ve finally approached this and got it out there!! I think it’s a brilliant idea and will improve the group and the forum no end!

A yearly membership is what a lot of other clubs do and I think it just creates a much more community feel and people who do pay it then end up more involved


All sounds good to me




Sounds good to me.


Sounds good to me also…

I have another idea that I’ve been speaking to @TrikeLife94 about!!

How about a calender as a membership perk or for the shop? But wait that’s not all!! We all know how @TrikeLife94 is very a handsome chap, well we could run a competition to have your car featured in the calender with our very own stud @TrikeLife94, but to mix it up a bit @TrikeLife94 would be in a theme for said month, so December he could be a sexy santa, we could have a January snowflake, throw in a mechanic with oily abs, a fireman, police man (could go full YMCA if preferred) and of course sexy Yoda for May I think since a lot of us own MX5’s were not ashamed or shy of our real feeling and persuasions!

I think it would go down a storm as a bit of a fun charity calender to raise funds for the club and would no doubt be popular in the mx5 scene, our very own poster boy, they will be queuing to get their calenders signed at the MX-5 owners club rally.

Thoughts?? :thinking:


How about just Sam every month in different outfits with different cars