Retrorides Weekender 2020 - Early bird Tickets Available!

Hey people,

This year’s Retrorides Weekender at Goodwood is on 16th & 17th May with the option to camp on the Sunday night too!

Early bird tickets are available UNTIL 30TH SEPTEMBER so get in quick to get cheaper price!

Weekend and day tickets, including the extra night of camping is available below:

I will sort out booking for a stand when they release details and we’ll go from there!

Please note the Gathering at Shelsley Walsh later in the year is a separate RetroRides event and will be sorted on another thread :wink:

Do a ticket, make a camping, have a retroride, achieve your dreams

Thx xoxoxoxox

Other peeps probs

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In for the win!!!

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Tickets bought :smiley: and the extended camping!!! ~Party on party people!!

Do we need a list? everyone loves a list right? @corders do a list :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yay! Can’t wait! Tickets bought, anyone who wants to arrive before or stay a bit longer will be welcome round ours, we only live 23 miles away! We have a perfectly good floor to sleep on!


You’re a list

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