Recently started doing Illustrations


I’ve done the odd one or two illustrations in the past but recently I’ve really got involved with them. Here are a few examples

I recently got back into it and lowered the price and got a tonne of enquiries. Sadly some I can’t post because they’re Christmas presents. But heres a couple I can post


Amongst the enquiries was an order for some JDM wheels. Turns out he’s starting a new business venture next year and will be using the designs for prints and clothing!

Heres a sneak peak of a Work Equip and Advan A3A I’ve drawn for him. I’ve also done Hayashi Street, SSR Mk2,SSR Star Shark,Long Champ XR4 and Dori Dori Mesh. I won’t post them until I’ve had the go ahead but they look AWESOME

I currently use Adobe Photoshop to make them. I know Illustrator is the preferred software,but I currently don’t have it and I currently can’t afford the £17pcm for it :frowning: I’ll get it eventually and I hope I can improve in the mean time


They are great illustrations!


some amazing work there matey :smiley: very impressive!


Awesome, I’ll have to get you to do one of mine next year when it’s built aswell as a photo shoot :grin:


These look awesome!!!


New hardware meant trying out new techniques.

Had a go at an Initial D inspired illustration using my MX5 and the other halfs E36. All done from scratch :slight_smile:


Love it :slight_smile:


Now offering these at a discounted price of £15 :slight_smile: