Punks Represent!


Name: - Represent! (or sommit a lot better… I’m a tired :rabbit: so creativity is eluding me
Criteria:- Running a Combustionpunks Sticker on your car… dunno if should be one of the bigger designs?
Aims:- spreading the 'Punks name far and wide :smiley:

  • yes! we should have this!
  • Pah, that sounds a bit bloody pants

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Link in with points.
Points given for ‘exposure’…

?? For Facebook hobby photographer shared photo (watermarked).
??? For magazine photo.

Further points for getting spotted out and about and also ‘spotting’


What about having it as you or your car pictured with a punks sticker, or branded clothing.

Pictures taken in unusual or dramatic locations should be taken into account too (you know like overlooking a scenic backdrop in Locarno… or at the top of a swiss mountain whilst standing in an actual cloud… hint hint :wink: )


Gonna do a “landmark” one for this…even done the artwork :slight_smile:


What @Isomx said fits the description pretty well :slight_smile: could we make it a “picture of clothing AND a sticker” representing at a meet or event that Punks as a club stand are not attending?

Is that making it too specific?

Also… what sketchy said is ideal too… there are gonna be multiple ways to earn it… maybe different levels/ colours for different things? Or maybe getting a feature on website/ magazine should be a different badge completely and just a badge for representing?