'Punks in the MX5OC magazine

@JimmyP representing! Combustionpunks flag in full view too! Good work fellas!!!

…welded diff in MX5OC magazine = totes hilare!!!


congrats, guys! was a nice surprise to see the article in there :smiley:

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It was a great fun weekend :slight_smile:
Cards against humanity was funny as on Sat night :smile:
Got sooooo many pics and good ideas to try on bankruptcy v2 from wandering around :smile:
If anyone wants to read more… We did a live blog of the weekend, with pics and stuff https://combustionpunks.co.uk/asi-live-blog-continually-expanding/

And there is loads of pics on our instagram too… http://instagram.com/combustionpunks

Lots more shows this year :slight_smile: and lots of room for people to come and play :slight_smile:

@sketchy … Facebook page #cough#

You want to get your chest looked at @Yetidragon!!!


I can only but echo the above, great weekend, scrap that, amazing weekend…

slightly surprised MX5OC hasn’t been in contact about my royalties… I’m in both pictures as it happens!