Punks go to The Fast Show 2016

If course I’ll help clare just like last time

Ideally need to setup on saturday otherwise me and shannon will be sharing someones tent lmao :joy:

My tent only just fits me have fun with Matt and clare in the orgy tent

What time are we planning on arriving saturday then? Ill put up a convoy post for the others so everyone knows the plan.

lmao we will sort something out dont worry!

can leave whenever if we’re staying with you pair :smiley:

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Ok will sort a convoy post later😃


My ticket and pass arrived today. Thanks!


awesome, just @Elly waiting for hers then, we hand delivered the rest at Spring Performance :smiley:

Think Elly has hers… posted on instagram earlier and tagged us

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need to link accounts tonight :blush:

I’m so gutted I can’t get time off for this :frowning:

Can’t wait


Just realised this is Sunday…anyone got a spare ticket or do I just fork out for a day pass?

It’s getting closer :slight_smile:

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we are all out of tickets, but should be able to get entry tickets direct from fastshow

well it was a mixed weekend and one of a couple this year at santa pod… done a blog post for those that didnt come and wanna see what they missed out on… and for those that did come, check it out, probs have a mention :wink:



Awsome write up summed it up well :smiley: