Punks get Merched days


So… we are in the run up to Japfest / Trax weekender!! and it should be awesome… What makes it more awesome? yeah thats right! STICKERS!!! and tshirts and Hoodies…

In an effort to get us sorted out we are opening the wrecktory for a couple of days before hand to get through merch that people want :smiley:

We will have to be a littel careful of how many people we have on site at 1 time, but hte basic plan is…
Give me a heads up on what you will be wanting, - a limited number of custom orders will be possible, eg sunstrips in custom colours, full liveries, t shirts, hoodies with your name on them
I’ll order the raw materials in ready
on the merch days we will make the stuffs
ANything made for people who cannot attend we can bring to the show days for collection

What days we doing? the 2 Sundays before Japfest… 29th June and 7th July… we may even do a couple more if demand is high
Where is the Wrecktory? Sheffield city centre near as dammit

All proceeds from all merch as always gets re-cycled into the warchest for more funky stuff for us… you know like flags, BBQs, Lighting Gazebos

So who wants what? lets get this sorted!!!

Punks do Japfest AND Trax Donington 2019

Made this post a Wiki, so hopefully anyone can edit and add stuff to the list
Ideas for what we can get done on the days / sort for collection at Japfest/Trax

Logo stickers
Full rear screen Logos

Logo tshirts
Logo Hoodies


Merched :grin:


Had a good couple of days making merch :smiley: Thanks to all that came along to grab something :smiley: and even more thanks to everyone that brought convoys of people and helped making stuff. Last of the orders should be finished tonight in time for collection before / at Japfest this weekend :smiley: