'Punks do the MX5OC Rally '17 Nominations


If noone is camping I’ll travel on day too, can meet you both on route. :smiley: a few more off the list are on the M1 corridor so will prob join up too :smiley:


26 is cool for me as I live close to it


im M1 corridor with sheffield lot


So shall we meet at Toton services south bound just past junction 26 then pick up any others joining us some where on the M42 ( theres a Maccy d’s at the junction to the A444 just before the A42 turns into M42)

What time do we need to be there???


some extra details in the Organisation thread

Need to be in for 9AM. route sounds fine to me :smiley:


Shall we say 7 at the services??


See you there, too anti social for convoys (they bore me tbh!) I’ll be local to gaydon the weekend… meeting point before the gate or? Cba to read. Also. What’s a forum.


I guess this is the route?

So a meet up Sheffield way (I’ll sort this one out after work, prob services on M1), a meeting point as suggested by @Erik69 on M42 @ 7am? , then a final stop at Warwick services @8:30 for local guys and give out all stand passes etc.


Good stuff. I’ll see you all at the final stop at Warwick services then, as I’m heading over from the West. :grin::+1:


@Yetidragon where you want us to meet you?


Is anyone joining at the M42 McD?
If not, we could hook up at trowell services at 7ish and go straight down to Warwick from there.

That said. On reflection. I’ll need something to eat…


trowell services sounds good to me


Car passed MOT so I’ll see you at 7am Sunday :grinning::grinning:


Sorry should have said Trowell services not Toton ( very close to each other but Toton is, not a services.


OK, so :-

#Trowell services south @7am
Lauren Cope
#Warwick Services South @8:30am
#Gates of Gaydon Motor Museum @9:00 am

@Pip you meetin on way or there?


See you at 7 :grinning:


See you there. :grin:


Might have to bounce my joining up to Warwick services. If I’m not at Trowel I’ll meet you at Warwick.

If certainty is required, someone drop me a phone number and I’ll text in the morning.


Aim to meet you at Warwick services, but hopefully catch you along route


You can text me on if you need to let us know where you are