'Punks do the MX5OC Rally '17 Nominations


That’s fine. Just annoying that yet again, we are an attraction at an event, yet are being charged to display. Never mind. I look forward to a great day out


Camping for the rally for everyone who is interested :smiley:
A couple of years back we stayed at Anitas and that is where we are looking at staying again :smiley:

Who else wants to camp? ( they also do glamping pods) should be a good excuse for a drink and a laff :smiley:


I know what you mean, but I think that is the case for every car show… every show we pay to get in, and every show we provide part of the attraction.


I know. Off topic but it mostly annoyed me with the KM events… 27 quid for day entry, plus what they’d already charged to get the cars in. It just grieves me somewhat to what the enthusiast is prepared to pay for…

Any way.

Do you have prices for camping/ glamping pods yet? :slight_smile:


according to their site

so if inna tent £16




I’ll see you all there. I only work round the corner at Gaydon. I’d also recommend a trip round the Museum if you get chance.


I didn’t renew my membership this year


I havent been a member in over 2 years there’s been no benefit. I already attend super cheap (and super fun) track days with Mazda on Track and Frank’s Charity Track day Club… still paying to be at the rally… calender is great but could live without it… And the magazines… the only reason I joined was the £100 saving on my insurance :joy:

See you there @MonkeySpanker!


@JDM_Clare I know what you mean about the benefits. The insurance deal I had didn’t like mods and I ended up cancelling the "cheap’ insurance after 3 months I also found it hard to engage with any events in my area because of lack of info as to what was going on, often finding out after the event was actually held.


I’ve only been to about 2-3 local OC meets in the past 2 years,i honestly can’t be fucked dealing with their petty arguements and squabbles. Its all too clicky and no one bothers talking to us,so fuck 'em

Its rare the rallies fall on my sunday’s off work,so thats no benefit. My car is too modified for their insurance companies and every other discount available, i’ve already got (or better)


We’re unable to attend the show now,apologies :frowning:


Does that mean 4 slots up for the vote?


Bit early to be thinking about it, but just wondering what the arrival procedures are? It shows on the National Rally site gates open at 10.30am but would we want to be a bit earlier than that?

Got a strut brace to stick on this weekend and booked in for a 4 wheel alignment next week, so should have a nicer car to drive come next Sunday :grin:

Going to go with a MX5parts and Jass shopping list in case there’s any good discounts :smile:


I’m really sorry, but it looks like I won’t be going now :frowning: .


Has the final line up been agreed yet with the event being just over a week away??


Pretty much…
2 drop outs means that everyone up in the vote gets in :slight_smile:
Awesome :slight_smile:


So, with a couple of drop outs, we have our final list…

  1. @JDM_Clare
  2. @Pip
  3. @Drew
  4. Lauren Cope
  5. @Erik69
  6. @ScORTED
  7. @Lokki
  8. @MickX5
  9. @seriousrikk
  10. @yetidragon

As you all know, spots are £12 each, I’ve had a couple of people send money across, but we are still quite a few shy. (obviously the people in the vote have only just found out they are in ) paypal@combustionpunks.co.uk

I will need to send funds for the stand today, so will front it for now, if everyone could get funds across ASAP i would be much obliged… I like to eat and payday is a ways away yet :smiley:


Any one travelling on the day past Nottingham give me a shout and I’ll tag along
(I’m working till 6 on Saturday and I don’t own a tent or a sleeping bag so camping is out for me!!)


I’m travelling on the day too from J26 M1