'Punks do the MX5OC Autumn Rally 2017 - the organisation


Some infos:-
Passes for this will be physical items which are getting posted to myself, so we will have to arrange getting them distributed, possibly a services meet then convoy in. working on this next :smiley:
We need to be aiming for 9am to be in and set up.

Price wise it is £12 per car, which will get passengers in too.

I’ve pre paid for the stand… but kinda need to eat too so would be awesome if you could send it across :smiley:

Final list of attendees:-1:

  1. @JDM_Clare (Paid :moneybag: )
  2. @Pip (paid :moneybag: )
  3. @Drew (paid :moneybag: )
  4. Lauren Cope
  5. @Erik69 (paid :moneybag: )
  6. @ScORTED
  7. @Lokki (paid :moneybag: )
  8. @MickX5 (paid :moneybag: )
  9. @seriousrikk (paid :moneybag: )
  10. @yetidragon (paid :moneybag: )

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@Yetidragon thats mine paid


me too


Thanks guys :smiley:

In other news, OP updated with some extra details


And me!


awesome :smiley: OP updated :smiley:
Was anyone considering camping?


I’m working till 6 on the Saturday plus I don’t have a tent or a sleeping bag!!


I possess no camping gear at all.
Something I probably should rectify for next years show season!

Warwick southbound services are pretty close, although not as much use for anyone coming north on the M40!


No camping gear at all? :open_mouth: but JAE… Retrorides… Japfest… all the best bits are the social night before and the camping :smiley:


Nope, none!

Unless you count two folding chairs and a BBQ…

Hence why I think I’m going to be buying some stuff while it’s cheap over the winter.


had a few people sleep in their cars or the gazebos before now… deffo need a sleeping bag or a big duvet to wrap around you tho!


I’m out for camping. Done enough of thay this year and it’s not much fun for one night in October :joy::snowflake:


At close to 50 my camping days are probably done unless it’s a pretty serious do!!


no camping for us


Not much of a camper either, like my comforts these days.

I’ll be heading over on Sunday morning from Ludlow direction, so M42 - M40.


All paid apologies bit late on this only back in country lastnight!


Other than me, anything else I need to bring?
Should be able to stash a couple of chairs in the car.

Looks like there will be a van selling bacon onsite early enough which is… welcome


I paid - alls good?!
What’s the plan for stand passes?
Is there a meet point nearby like last year?


@seriousrikk a cople of chairs may well be handy :smiley: always good to have somewhere to sit at a show.

@ScORTED talked to you earlier :smiley: but in General…
Stand collection options:-

  1. Franks Charity Track Day @blyton tomorrow
  2. Warwick services @8:30 Sunday morning (meeting the convoy)
  3. at the gate from 9:00 (will have to drop me a line and exchange phone numbers)


OK, so :-

#Trowell services south @7am
Lauren Cope
#Warwick Services South @8:30am
#Gates of Gaydon Motor Museum @9:00 am