'Punks do Retro Rides Gathering 2019


not long to go… so who do we have on stand?

  1. @Yetidragon
  2. @Barefoot
  3. Lauren cope
  4. @domp42
  5. @MonkeySpanker
  6. @MickX5
  7. @TrikeLife94
  8. @JamWar95
  9. @Duggles42


Is my civic too new? :thinking::thinking:


We can have a couple of slightly newer cars on stand


It’s a 2000…


It’s also a Honda :expressionless:


Put me down for a spot please :grin: I’ll be there for the day


Added you on matey :grinning:


A good friend of mine is also looking for a spot with a club, he has a boosted EG Civic, is this something you guys would be cool with having on your stand?


Absolutely mate!! Be lovely on the stand


I’d be up for going on stand if there’s any space and if you’ll take me!


Lovely, if you could put Rhys Beynon down aswell then that would be great :call_me_hand:


Have you got a ticket for the show bud?


Has he got a ticket for the show matey?


yeah got a weekend camping ticket


Mk1 mx5 yeah?


mines a mk1 5 yeah


No mate, and neither have I?


Do you have Sunday tickets?


No mate. Neither me or Rhys have any tickets yet


Late to this one. Local show for me, just 20 mins down the road, so I’m just going to show up and pay entry on the day. Might see some of you guys there.