Punks do Retro Rides Gathering '18


I’ll be camping and can go on the stand if there is room, don’t mind either way though :slight_smile:


So slight change of plan. My mates Caddy ain’t working atm, so we’ll both just be in my MX5.


I have a spare weekend ticket if anyone is interested, camping included. Make a suitable donation to the war chest if you want it. I can meet at campsite on Friday, not sure if post will reach in time.


Might have to take you up on that, my ticket hasn’t arrived yet and they’ve gone v quiet


Is that ticket still going spare?


I’ve got a spare if not matey x


Camp set up guys, BBQ ready :slight_smile: turn left as you enter campsite, you’ll see the flags :slight_smile: plenty of space to pitch at the moment… But be quick!



Standlist updated in OP
Anyone not coming let me know and I’ll pass your pass to a reserve,
Anyone coming tomorrow, I’ll have passes on me, gimmie a call about collecting 07834591068


Well I’m home in Sheff… still gotta unloadd micks van and sort out the show gear… but thats a job for tomorrow night

Thanks to everyone that came along and had a bit of banter, did shopping runs, helped put up and take down the camp :smiley: it was a great weekend, and I believe one that we will be hoping to attend for years to come :smiley:

managed to award some badges while we were there, shout up if you think i have missed anyone…

Homemaker @Dubboy @Barefoot @Yetidragon
Homebreaker @Dubboy @Yetidragon @Ricky_Ricardo @maisiemk1 @Isomx
Support Vehicle @Dubboy
Hunter gatherer @MonkeySpanker
Chef @Dubboy @Stumunk
Sleeping Beauty @MonkeySpanker @Fliss94 @domp42