Punks do Retro Rides Gathering '18


Still Editing… details coming!!!

The MOST AWESOME retro Rides Gathering… you don’t wanna miss it!

Retro Rides kinda comes in 2 Flavours…

  1. I gotta weekend ticket and I is drinking… lots
  2. I missed out on the Weekend ticket… I’ll be turning up on show day…

Which Kinda gives us a few logistical things to work on…
First of all, there is no reall official organisation to the campsite, you turn up and pitch your tent wherever you can. We always try and get the communial stuff there early, you know the gazebos and BBQ etc etc and hold enough space so the majority are close together. to help with this, it would be great if you could shout up and let us know if you are camping!


  1. Yetidragon
  2. Monkeyspanker
  3. Barefoot
  4. @TrikeLife94
  5. @Wheelynutz
  6. @Ricky_Ricardo
  7. @Dubboy
  8. @Stumunk
  9. @domp42


  1. @Ricky_Ricardo
  2. @domp42
  3. @Barefoot
  4. @MonkeySpanker
  5. @TrikeLife94
  6. @Wheelynutz
  7. @Nelliem
  8. Patryks other car
  9. Chris
  10. @painterdave
  11. @Richard
  12. @Isomx
  13. @Drew
  14. @buckerz
  15. @maisiemk1

Prepping for 2018 - Show options

Bought weekend tickets.


I’ll endeavour to actually make it to this one this year, Its down the road from my parents house so I wont be camping.


Just bought my day ticket. :grin:

Want to go up the hill this year, so need to remember to book this when it’s available.


Camping and on stand :grinning::grinning:


I camping… i think


Right… Need to start sorting the stand out…
Who in for the camping? Who’s in for being on stand?


  1. Yetidragon
  2. Monkeyspanker
  3. Barefoot


  1. Yetidragon
  2. @Ricky_Ricardo
  3. @Drew
  4. Barefoot
  5. @buckerz
  6. @MonkeySpanker


I’m on the stand. Not camping. Shelsley is 25 mins from my house.


Camping. Just to check this is a camping from the saturday thing right?


Yass please


Is there room for another car on the stand?

Have a mate interested. He’ll be in a 91 VW Caddy. So sufficiently ‘Retro’.


Yeah matey :slight_smile: get him to sign up and say hi :slight_smile:
I love caddy’s :heart: I used to have one with a 16v on twin carbs many years ago :slight_smile:


Just got my day ticket am looking forward to it!


Camping and the stand for me please!! :smiley:


putting your car on stand @Ricky_Ricardo ?


your caddy mate coming @Drew?


Yes mate, he is. Said to him about setting up a profile, but not sure he’s so tech savvy lol.

If you want to add him to the list, his names Leroy.


Yes please . I’ll even clean it :blush:


I’m camping, no stand pass needed though as I’ll be in whatever shed of a daily I can buy this weekend.

I’d Imagine @ScORTED , Chris and Richard are also planning on camping with us too.

Are we doing a convoy from Sheffield area? If so I’ll be tagging along with you all from there :slight_smile:


Camping but not sure what car I’m bringing yet