Punks do Japfest Silverstone 2019


The first planned show stand of the year!!

Venue - Silverstone Circuit
Camping available night befpre - book with ticket (Camping at Whittlebury Park)
Prices - £25 just show, £37 with Camping
Date Sunday 5th May 2019
Designated Idiot in charge - @Yetidragon
Book tickets here:- http://www.japfest.co.uk/club-tickets
Password (watch the caps) PunksRule

This is quite an easy one to sort out :smiley:
Buy your ticket direct at link above,
Grab your stuff and meet at the campsite for beer :slight_smile: or turn up on the day.

There will be camping and the usual gear will be present so we can be warm dry and there is the option of getting a takeaway delivered :smiley:

This is usually a great show, and a great start to the show season after a long cold winter away from your fellow 'Punks… time to get your 'Punk on :smiley: :smiley:

On stand:-

  1. @Yetidragon


Hopefully be tickets available still on 23rd as that’s payday. Got MOT to pay for first, fml :joy:


Will be booking next weekend :smile:




What’s the deadline to buy tickets for this? Won’t have monies until 29th but would like to come now that I know the Evo should be fixed in time.


Deadline is Tuesday 8th April


Tickets purchased :smiley:
See you all there


Less than a week to get your tickets in guys!!! go do a buy!!! quick!!!


Tickets booked so that’s 2 extra cars on stand :blush:


Sweet :+1: :blush:


Yo, who’s coming to this then?

Not been doing much car stuff lately, life has very much got in the way. But I’ve got my tickets printed, and coilovers going on the Sexus this weekend.


Me!!! I’m going :grin:


Yeah boi! Can’t wait man.