Punks do Japfest Silverstone 2019


The first planned show stand of the year!!

Venue - Silverstone Circuit
Camping available night befpre - book with ticket (Camping at Whittlebury Park)
Prices - £25 just show, £37 with Camping
Date Sunday 5th May 2019
Designated Idiot in charge - @Yetidragon
Book tickets here:- http://www.japfest.co.uk/club-tickets
Password (watch the caps) PunksRule

This is quite an easy one to sort out :smiley:
Buy your ticket direct at link above,
Grab your stuff and meet at the campsite for beer :slight_smile: or turn up on the day.

There will be camping and the usual gear will be present so we can be warm dry and there is the option of getting a takeaway delivered :smiley:

This is usually a great show, and a great start to the show season after a long cold winter away from your fellow 'Punks… time to get your 'Punk on :smiley: :smiley:

On stand:-

  1. @Yetidragon


Hopefully be tickets available still on 23rd as that’s payday. Got MOT to pay for first, fml :joy:


Will be booking next weekend :smile:




What’s the deadline to buy tickets for this? Won’t have monies until 29th but would like to come now that I know the Evo should be fixed in time.


Deadline is Tuesday 8th April