Punks do Japfest AND Trax Donington 2019


Venue - Donington Park Circuit
Camping available night befpre - book with ticket (Camping at Whittlebury Park)
Prices - £25 just show, £37 with Camping
Dates Saturday and Sunday 13th and 14th July
Designated Idiot in charge - @Yetidragon
Book tickets here:- http://www.japfest.co.uk/club-tickets-0 (Can buy Japfest and Trax Tickets and camping all at same time through this 1 page )
Password (watch the caps) PunksRule

This should be a pretty awesome weekend…2 nights camping… 2 shows,… 1 venue… a whole lot of happy 'Punks… it was awesome last year… it was awesome the year before… This year it is gonna be EPIC