Punks do Japfest 2017


Right, I’m not camping anymore so does anyone want to swap my camping weekend ticket for a standard club stand Sunday day one at all? Let me know =)


Due to unforeseen circumstances I have a spare weekend pass if anyone wants one. I’m still going but my +1 is now my ex-1.


Sorry to hear that :frowning2:


Yo :smiley: I am on mx5nutz but it seems pretty dead for information on Japfest. I bought a club ticket a few months ago but I don’t have a clue on what to do. So here is what I’ve guessed:

Gate B
Arrive from 6:30am
Park car and run off(only joking)
Is there anything else I need to do?


Print your tickets / stand pass.
Bring sun cream

That’s my only input. I’m sure someone more useful will be along soon


Oh I can cope with that, shame there’s no room in the boot for a lounger.


deffo bring a chair, maybe snacks and drinks, cos usually pricey on site, camera / phone. Can be useful to bring a charging pack for your phone.


It’s Northamptonshire not the north face of the Eiger!!


I like to be sat comfy and able to find my way home lols


I should have bought that American RV I saw on eBay the other day :frowning:


This is pretty much my plan :grin:


Without being presumptuous, those who are camping, what are you all doing for food Saturday evening? Do we all just bring our own stuff? Is there a BBQ? Haven’t done this before. :flushed:


Well I won’t be going this year, I’ve only had the V8 fitted and running the last few days and it ate it’s clutch during a road test this afternoon :frowning: Hope you all have a great time :smiley:



@Smallen92 at the bigger shows (JAE, Retro Rides) we have a gas BBQ we bring along (from the Warchest) along with tables Gazebos, lighting,games, firepit etc etc and we get a kitty going on.

For single nighters we tend to run a little lighter, we should have table,Gazebos, Flags, lighting.

Food on a short weekend usually comes down to BYO and phoning Dominos / local takeaway.

There are a few local supermarkets to the campsite IIRC so you should be fine… just remember your favorite beverages :smiley:


Morning fellas. A few of us have booked a hotel therefore won’t be camping. I have arraigned with Matthew James to meet you’s at the campsite enterance at around 7am. If possible, could you keep me updated on the times you are leaving and stuff because I would not like to miss you’s! Thanks


Awesome, thanks man :raised_hands: see y’all there!


Someone told me there may be some sort of entertainment on sat eve .not sure if this is true or not anyone know more than me about this


Leaving campsite at approx 7:15


Thank you to all involved for organising the day,turn out was incredible!

We only managed to see everything once,oops!


well that was a big one :smiley: (oo errrr missus)