Punks do Japfest 2017




Camping Convoy to Japfest, South UK


Do the car passes have to be printed in colour? May seem like a daft question, but I want to make sure hahahaha!

Also, as I bought two tickets and passes, one for me and one for Jackson…Does it matter that it says my name on both?! I’m panicking slightly The car passes are right and have the correct reg numbers for each car, just the tickets both have my name on, obviously a different code though. Urgh, stress :frowning:


Nah, black and white has always been fine before :slight_smile: and all those details are OK too :slight_smile:


So who’s bringing What? This is my pride and joy. 1996, 1.8 mk1 mx5 :smiley:


I ordered 8 tickets put individual names on them all they have all come with my name on them so if it is a problem they can deal with it on the gate. However all tickets have a unique number and bar code so can’t see it being an issue.


Melted my printer :joy:


Oh, okay thank you that makes me worry a little less! I know for a fact I put his name and my name on the separate tickets,too haha.


Glad I caught up with this thread as the tickets had somehow ended up in my spam folder (even though the booking confirmation went to my inbox)
Think I might have forgot about them if I hadn’t seen your recent posts.

Getting close now!!


Just booked some track time XD and I’m now staying at a hotel nearby so no early start :grinning:

Does anyone know anything about the VIP club wristbands, I want to get a good view of the drifting! last time all I could see was smoke in the distance :disappointed_relieved:


Anybody know the score with taking a car on trailer? Definitely won’t be driving mine down there now and just weighing up wether it’s worth me taking it on trailer or just go and enjoy the show without it :neutral_face: gutted man, been excited for this since January haha


Hey everyone,

Left it late to post here but I’ll be attending with my brother from BRISTOL, in my MX5 looking forward to meeting you all! Booked 14:40 track session also

Let me know how i can help etc.

Also, I’ve had my track time passes through on e-mail, not received any actual entry tickets or a camping pass? Has anyone else received theirs? Apologies if Ive missed something and being dim.


Check your junk mailbox. Mine ended up in there somehow despite track tickets going into correct inbox.


I’d also say check spam/junk.
Also camping is pay on arrival iirc


Is anyone unfortunately not able to go at all??
I wasn’t originally off work but I am now so I’m bringing my MK1 turbo down but would prefer to be on stand if there’s any spare around :slight_smile:


@brg_jay may be missing out:( , @JDM_Clare mentioned on a nother thread she may not be able to make it :frowning: not sure if either of these 2 guys have moved their stand pass on.
@hoodedreeper is putting his car on the fastcar stand, so he may have his punks pass available.


ive got a problem, i think that the tickets went in to my spam in box and has been deleted…


best thing to do is email or call japfest ASAP to get them re-issued.

01959 541444 or japfest@kelsey.co.uk

Good news is that I can see you on the list in the club portal, bad news is that they don’t give us any tools to re-issue tickets.


I’m still waiting to hear back from Fast Car :confused:


Is it time yet? Can we go yet?