Punks do Japfest 2017


see you at the campsite!! :smiley: Who’s stand you parking up on @chrisgibson1985? Will wander over and say hey :slight_smile:


Booked…and camping too.


I’m on Kuruma UK this year; I’m aiming to be set up camp by 4pm and have a beer in hand by 4:01 :joy:


Still haven’t booked my tickets… but it’s 99% certain I’ll be going! :grinning:

Anyway just curious how everyone’s managing to carry camping equipment + beer + supplies + a passenger in their 5’s?! :grimacing: Should have bought a WRX wagon lol.

Also anyone meeting up before hand to arrive by convoy. I’ll be coming down from South Shropshire, near Ludlow. So M42, M40.


Also keen to know how so much stuff fits in the 5 :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


Answer is more than you’d think, and plenty enough to get through a long show camping.

You’ve got more room than you’d think in an empty boot and behind the seats, if you keep the roof up then you’ve got the parcel shelf too, plus make your passenger hug a bag or something or squeeze something on the passenger footwell and you’ll manage.


And this is the smaller entry boot space on the fastback mk1, packed out by @JoeDM and me at JAE last year…


Haha you weren’t going hungry!! :joy:


Hi guys, I’ve come from mx5nutz, wanted to enter the car this year at japfest(car is finally ready), asked a question on mx5nutz japfest topic and no one has replied, but found this and you all seem to be replying on this topic haha so I signed up and have a question, if I just book a club stand ticket, will this also count as my entry ticket? And if I bring the mrs along, does she need a standard entry ticket? Also I won’t be camping, just arriving on the Sunday morning
Cheers for replays


Hi matey :slight_smile:
Iirc you go through the booking and it asks you how. Many tickets you want, and how many car passes you want. Ticket per person, and then a stand pass per car… Stand passes are free.
:slight_smile: hth


Is it the same campsite as last year? If so, for anyone who hasn’t been before, yes it does look like the gateway to a posh golf course!


Tickets booked! :grinning::+1:

No camping for me though. There was a very reasonably priced Airbnb in Silverstone village, walking distance to the track. So I can still come in and say Hi on the Saturday night.

I believe she has another room available if anybody else wants an alternative to camping… :slight_smile:


Love the idea of crushing at a randomers house… But passing out on the campsite is half the fun lols


crushing what?


Clearly I meant crashing… Not sure why it corrected to crushing… My phone be all angry n shiz :joy:


So erm… Closing date for Combustionpunks and Mx5Nutz club display @Yetidragon am I right in thinking the 24th of March is the last day to get tickets?


according to their website, yep :smiley:


I know with all the cool new additions in the forum upgrade, sweet new members rides, the latest Group Buys and Featured stuff on the forum lately, Its easy to forget about the thing many are looking forward to the most… Japfest 2017!

We’ve got until Next Weekend AKA friday 24th to book tickets… If youre already booked, #AWESOME

Put your name on the list already!?!

#If you’ve not booked yet, here’s what you need to do…

Go to the Japfest ticket site here

Go to the club drop down and hit Combustionpunks from the club drop down menu and put 111.129 for the password…

1) get your free car stand pass further down the page - all stand/ display cars need these hangers else security wont let you on :confused:

2) CAMPING GEAR And camping ticket (£35 all in) for those of you wanting to hang out the night before :grin:

#Japfest closing date Friday 24th March


Combustionpunks at Japfest 1 2017

  1. IsoMX (Mark Andrews)
  2. MaisieMk1 (Sue Hart)
  3. numbnutz (Emma Walsh)
  4. brg_jay (Jamie brunt)
  5. Jay_Moss (Jay Moss)
  6. Adam Bowler, need to get him signed up!
  7. Bearhood (Dan Paton)
  8. websa (Seb Ware)
  9. chris_windowss (Chris Windows)
  10. Harrison_penfold (Harrison Penfold)
  11. Stefan_Waterman (Stefan Waternan)
  12. Jack Ridley - still waiting for him to sign up!
  13. bnprsctt (Ben & Jon Prescott)
  14. Chris & Lu
  15. L_Edge90 (Lee Edge)


I’m probably gonna be there, still trying to herd the cats and find out what the crack is!