Punks do Japfest 2017


Just added some photos to the Google Album :slight_smile:


Is anyone willing to do the write up for this?


I will!


@JDM_Clare@killachipmunk said he’d be up for it … just wants a few pointers :smiley:


Theres a few up from last year that could be beneficial… Although its totes up to him what he wants to write about! Be nice if we could get everyone writing a little bit about a particular part. Like @Dougy did convoy for Sheff, we camped, some folk watched the drifting, some went out on track… Would be easy and so communial if we could get a few people Submitting paragraph or sections. Am happy as always to edit :slight_smile: @Sketchy we shoulda skyped ya :joy:


I nominate Corders for badge duty thingy…


@corders step up :poop:




Don’t expect me to keep up with it if I get the job :sweat_smile:


will do! Pretty busy right now but should have some time next week :slight_smile: