Punks do Japfest 2 and The Fastcar Festival 2017


Quick wash and wax before Saturday


Site map is out, you lot sure got a good plot!!!



To those of you that live nearer to Donington, are there any decent self-service jet washes nearby/on route? As much as I could clean the car here before leaving, I’m leaving straight from work and doing almost 200 miles from Dorset to get there…Lil’ Mazda will not still be clean after that! :joy:


There is a services as you get off M1… Not sure about jet wash tho…never wash mine lols


@Westlake-Mazduh There is a petrol station in castle donnington just drive past the circuit entrance then drive past the back of the airport, left at the roundabout then down in to donnington, its just straight through over the traffic lights past the coop on the right, I think they have a jet wash but it’s the closest option


ok i am back from spain so will be up for the fastcar festival in the morning .i have got a stand pass oh and what time are you all arriving on stand roughly .
cheers neil
ps hope you all had a good japfest donnington


What a great weekend thank you everyone and also @DutchMX you have a lot to answer for with those waffles :heart_eyes:I’m currently on the Internet looking now


And the biggest memory from the weekend will be of @lee_jones going mad over @DutchMX waffles…

Thanks one and all for coming. It is the social stuff that makes these things so great, and you all coming along makes it all XXX

Thanks to everyone who helped do the setting up, taking down, hauling , shopping, cooking, badge monitoring…it is so very appreciated xxxx

Looking at the book… I think @TEAMRPG might have a lotta points…


I drove past Donnington on Saturday!! So if any one was flashed by a mad jealous John Lewis Lorry driver it was me !!


So I’m going through the badges etc… oh so much excite…
but in the meantime I also madeThis Gallery for everyone to put photos into


It was brilliant. I’ll post more pics once my FB account is unblocked (I’ve been naughty apparently).
Thanks for making me welcome as always, was good to meet everyone.
Was great to get on track, thanks for the pics and video @Pip
The secret to the waffles is to put them on top of your hot cuppa and warm them up…


got some stand photos for you all to enjoy :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


what you been upto? bad boy

you can chuck them in that google album I shared… no need for facebook there lols, I’ve shared it to the facebook group too


some great pics there @jack_bland


Is everyone ok if I share some of these pics on hte @combustionpunks instagram account?


Im cool with that :v:️:ok_hand:


thanks matey <3


Its all good :kissing_heart:


asda ones just ain’t the same :pensive: