Punks do Japfest 2 and The Fastcar Festival 2017


You need THIS link




Password is punks all lower case. :smile:


https://kelseypublishing.flameconcepts.systems/group/login This is the club page for the fastcar festival only you can’t book for just the Sunday on the japfest page unless you book the whole weekend


But I can’t login as it won’t accept punks as the password


Ok I’m booked now for the Sunday only .yay will of been back from my hols about 10 hours once it’s time to set off for the show lol
Ps fastcar website is weird it’s taken me to 3 different pages over the course of today then the one it let me book on never asked which club I was with even though it’s a club pass ticket


Glad youre sorted


#this friday

Last day for tickets


Booked the full weekend for myself and @Jackson22 :smiley: See you all there!


I can not wait for this it’s going to be fun. Is there going to be featured cars for these shows ?


I’m getting a lot of messages asking for last minute tickets… if anyone is dropping out, please post up and we can get passes moved around :smiley:


Haven’t had my camping/car passes for the full weekend come through yet, just the ticket for drivers when I booked it. I’m a natural worrier…Anyone else still waiting for theirs to come through?


not received mine yet either… They often cut it fine… I’ll start worrying If I havn’t received Monday


I still haven’t received anything. Think I’ll chase them up later! :thinking:


@MickX5 had an email saying they will be sent early this week, latest Wednesday. :expressionless:


Yeah, saw that afterwards…Wednesday! Pffffft!! :rolling_eyes: :joy:


just had my fastcar show ticket and pass for sunday can’t come sat as i’m traveling home from spainz


Hi all! Ill be coming but not with the you lot :confounded: ill definately stop by the stand to say hello to you all! Maybe get me a couple more stickers :call_me_hand:


Tickets and passes came through last night. Hoping it won’t be an issue that the car pass only says Japfest and Saturday’s date on it though…Despite booking for the whole weekend and the download bit saying it’s for both.

Anyway…I can’t wait!!! :smile:


Mine are the same :rofl::expressionless::thinking:

They say “combo weekend tickets” but even though the download link says FCF and Japfest, the actual car pass only says saturday Japfest.

Oh well. Shall definately be an interesting weekend :sweat_smile:


Urgh! They really are useless. If everyone’s say the same they can’t really do much, so I’m sure it will be fine :slight_smile: Debating printing out a screenshot of the ticket and passes download page though, juuuuust in case hahaha


ANYONE WANNA CONVOY?! (camping friday night)