Punks do Japfest 2 and The Fastcar Festival 2017


Struggling to find a reason not to do both days so count me in @JDM_Clare


I cant make this one im afraid guys :sob: Le cry :sob: i hope its a sick weekend for you all though :call_me_hand:


I’m definitely going to be there


It must be for boo as it’s had its cut fixed lol

I’ll defiantly be at japfest 2 / fast car festival




Booked with camping


Booked, think I’ve booked the camping too :joy:




I’m game for this.

Is the track time all booked up? As there doesn’t seem to be option for it


Not sure about track time, but I know ticket sales close this Weekend for stand passes… If anyone is doing track time and doesnt mind a noisy passenger, Id love to go round :slight_smile:


I’ve asked them.

Track time is bookable in a few days!


When is the deadline for this @Yetidragon?


Original cut off is in the OP… but they have extended to 9th of June :smiley:


Didnt see it before and I read the lot, sure you didnt just add that in? :joy: cheers ears :+1:


Just booked up and joined the forum, looking forward to a good day! :grinning:


you Can see edit history Can’t You ? :grinning::grinning::grinning:


be good to See you there :slight_smile:


Not long left to get joint weekend stand passes at a steal…


Booked and sorted… Looks like Ive ordered an extra vehicle pass for one of the days :joy: Now… To find a dog/ house sitter for the weekend :thinking:


Ok just on the fast car festival site club page it says punks is the wrong password is it all uppercase or lowercase .tried it with a small p then a big p but no joy. I’m beginning to lose the will to live now.cant go to japfest only fast car due to being on a plane on the 1st july