Punks do Japfest 2 and The Fastcar Festival 2017


So this could be a truely AWESOME weekend!!!

2 Shows, 2 Nights Camping 1 Venue!!!

When? 1st and 2nd of July
Where? Donington Park Circuit
Booking Deadline:- Friday 26th May 2017 9th June
How much… depends oin how muuch fun you can handle, butr 2 shows and 2 nights camping is only £35
Order tickets here http://www.japfest.co.uk/club-tickets-0
club password is punks
Take car when placing your order esp around the stand passes, it can be a bit easy to select the wrong option (not that I just did exaclty that lols)

So what the deal? Japfest 2 is returning to Donington on 1st July (after a couple of years at Rockingham) Added to that , The Fastcar Festival is occouring the very next day on the 2nd :smiley: complete with camping on site… this really could be an amazing weekend!!!

There is flexability to the whole weekend to, you can book to just go to the 1 show, or both,and can get a car pass for one, or both shows… so you not got a jap car? you can still come for the whole weekend, enjouy japfest, camp and get the beers in, and show your car on the Sunday.

Added to all this there is the usual Japfest and Fast car festival goodness happening, with tracktime available, Show and Shine, Retail area, Drift Passenger rides, Time attack,…

Tickets for the full weekend are just £35 (for both shows and 2 nights camping)
This will not include any Warchest subsidies to help us get more show equipment, like flags, another gazebo, BBQ etc. So in order to get us moar awesome gear we will be offering an exclusive Japfest 'Punks Merch pack closer to the date! stay tuned for info, but until then… get your tickets bought!!!

We will need lots of support from fellow punks in making/ breaking the displays, so like flags and gazebo as well as parking Attendant (displaying/ directing vehicles) as well as chef (if you wanna bring your caming stove and feed a bunch of folk) there are so many badges to be earned and Japfest is the perfect show to earn yourself a couple!

club displays allowed on site from 6.30am, general public admission is from 9am
don’t be late, have your hangers on show, be prepared to be directed into place, don’t just Park up and leave. Please pay particular attention to any vehicles with track time displayed in their window, make sure you’re not blocking them in!

PS… Get yourself on a Team! friendly rivalry… what could go wrong? :smiley: :smiley: oh… and don’t forget about the Feature Car stuff too!!!

Featured Car Nominations for Japfest Donington / Fast Car Festival
Combustionpunks Event List, Links and Tickets 2017
Combustionpunks Event List, Links and Tickets 2017

How much are just fast car show tickets.i am returning from a week in Benidorm on the 1st so can’t make japfest 2 / camping but could maybe make the fast show show.are we having a stand at that one or just japfest


Stands at both matey :smiley:
Fast car festival is £10 for the show or £25 for the show and camping :smiley:


Tickets online or on punks shop


straight from Japfest site, link in the opening post, will need the password too, thats in opening post too :smiley:


Just looked you can only book the combo ticket on japfest site and on fast car festival site you can book but not for a club stand just for entry or individual display .theres no club sign in option like there is on japfest website


Being a dick found the link now


ok so im dumb at online booking things, do i select 2 weekend tickets and 2 combo vehicle passes?


If both you and @Jaqs are going, with both cars for both shows and 2 nights camping then yep :smiley:


I am so up for this!!! :smiley: So I’'l get the weekend ticket on pay day and see you all there :slight_smile:


I’ll be there for the whole weekend :smiley:


How come we are booking so early as its not held until the Year 20117 :thinking: or has someone made a typo ? :thinking: (if u mean 2017 then ill be there all weekend too :+1:)


its a very popular show… we need to book REALLY early :smiley:
nah twas a typo :smiley: sorted now though :smiley: thanks


I will be there :ok_hand::+1:t2:


Kim wats the plaster for u cut yself? ?


:joy: I don’t know :joy:


How many in @TEAMAwesome up for this?


Not as many as #TeamRPG :smiling_imp:


fuck it why not!


Well…guess id better buy a ticket and represent @TEAMAwesome :muscle:

We need to do some recruiting :joy: