PUNKS Do Japanese performance show


That was a close one ey :wink: lols

@MonkeySpanker, I’m not sure… It’s cutting it quite fine to be posting them now so I would imagine it will be email, or handed out in convoy/ at the gates on the day.

@Yetidragon or @Pip will be along shortly to confirm! :blush:


Any news on tickets? Time’s? Convoys? Anything?


Not to worry, tickets came Sunday, I’m emailing them out tomorrow :slight_smile: XX


I’ll get a convoy thread up later today :grin:


My ticket is printing out like this…


I have printed all the tickets out and will have them with me what ticket number is yours?


Sorry only just seen this! We managed to get it to print properly in the end.


No probs see you later :grin:


I have been informed of the date for next year’s “indoor jap performance show” (19th aug) yes it’s way to early to start planning but I’ll be organising another stand there next year and if we book early we can get an indoor spot. Would be great to have a strong club presence there and show off some of our top builds.

It was a great day out, very well organised and the cars on show in the main arena were the best of the best. Site was small but had great facilities and everything you needed for a day out. There is no camping here it is a one day show all on hard grounds. The indoor areas are well lit and would provide great showing area if it were to rain ect. Most definetly one that should be added to the diary for next years events :grin:.