PUNKS Do Japanese performance show


Im a little sad I cant come along, I keep wondering what the hype is with ‘indoor car shows’ lol :thinking::sweat_smile: Seems to be a new selling feature… I get that the show and Shine could benefit, but Im intrigued to experience it myself… PICS PLEASE! Lols. Guess I’ll get a taste at JAE with the indoor trade area and show and Shine in August :smirk::smile: cant wait!


#teamrpg who are those guys they seem popular


Let’s get a list going of who is attending this awesome event :grin: add your name below once purchased tickets please guys. Then we can sort convoys

  1. @Pip


Looks like list so far is

  1. @Pip
  2. @MonkeySpanker
  3. @jennypea93
  4. @Auck

  1. @Pip
  2. @MonkeySpanker
  3. @jennypea93
  4. @Auck
    5 @Lee_Jones


Closing date for this show is getting upon us so go grab your tickets soon! Not one to be missed


When is the closing date?

I’ll be at RetroRides no contest … but a cool alternative for anyone not doing RRG!


Think we said 1st August @Yetidragon Will confirm


yep, 1st of August is set on shop.


Anymore peeps coming along?? Last day for tickets come on guys don’t sit at home bored lol


What’s the final stand looking like @Pip? :slight_smile:


I believe we are just shy of the 10 required, so will be picking up 10 and continuing to sell them


*** Important information for club stands ***

You may arrive on Sunday morning between 8am - 10am.
The gates officially open at 10am so ideally everyone needs to be in place before then.

Please try not leave until the awards and trophies are announced at the main stage around 3.30pm-4pm.
Judging will commence at 1pm and there is an award and trophy for best car on club stand.
If a car on your stand has a gold Japanese Performance Show sticker on their windscreen, it means they have won and should make their way to the stage around 3.30pm.

Club stand tickets are in advance only from the website. They cannot be bought at the gate so please make sure everyone who is planning to be on your stand is aware of this and the rest of the information mentioned above.


Only just seen this :tired_face:


Believe there are a few spare tickets remaining…


Yes there are :smiley: @Elly just hit the link in the OP :smiley:

@Pip I believe we need to buy a batch of tickets? can you sort if I send you funds?


I’m really dumb and can’t figure out how to do it :sob::joy:


You’re not being dumb Elly :joy::joy:

The ticket link is missing from both the Original Post and the Facebook link @Yetidragon has directed you to.

Here is the link, hit Japanese performance show and add to basket :smile::kissing_heart:

#FYI to all…

all show stands can be found from this section of the website for future reference x



Are the tickets arriving via email?


Haha glad it’s not me being stupid! Paid :+1:t2: