PUNKS Do Japanese performance show


Can’t make Retro Ride Gathering? Didn’t get a ticket in time? Your pride and joy to new and advanced to attend?
Have no fear we haven’t forgotten about you, while some of the punks members will be attending RRG we will be playing with all the latest Japanese show cars on offer @Japanese performance show.
What Is set to be an incredible day with some of the country’s hottest jap cars on offer this is a show not to be missed! Punks are scoring an outdoor pitch on tarmac in a prime location between and beside the main halls.
Tickets will be in store soon so be sure to get yourself one and come along for a great day out.

Combustionpunks Event List, Links and Tickets 2017
Combustionpunks Event List, Links and Tickets 2017

You can count on me and The Green Machine to come :+1:


So amazing of you to cover this stand for Punks whilst the big man is at RetroRides​:heart_eyes: you do too much for Punks Pip, we’re all very grateful and eager to see more folk following in your footsteps… Especially when they see how many team points youre racking up for this!! :muscle:



Bring on the points :grin::grin::grin:.

But not just about the points it’s a great opportunity to get to a new show and help represent combustion punks :grin:. Hope to see many members attending that cant make RRG.


Count me in


That’s what its about!! Successful clubs are great, you get more variety and more fun! And great clubs are built with great members… Would still be awesome to see more peeps with the ability to help, taking us to more events and spreading the love. Little Punks groups lead by captains across the UK :heart_eyes: Its all there for the taking #dreambigger


Would be up for this as i only live round the corner :slight_smile:


I’m up for this one😎


I am up for this


Thus event may be capped to either 10 or 20 cars depending on how much interest we have here on the forum.


I can do that one


Any other interest in this event?


Yup, I’ll come along.


Whats closing date for payingf for the stand @Pip? i’ll get the tickets added to the shop :smiley:


July 30th I believe is the deadline for ticket sales.


Club stand plot has been booked :grin:


Tickets now live in the shop, £20 per ticket so go grab yourself one :grin:



@MonkeySpanker just did a buy…

Who else needs to get their tickets now theyre available?

Looks like all of @TEAMRPG are going along to represent :muscle::purple_heart: @Auck @jennypea93 are you guys still game?


Hells yeah, I shall gets me sen ont shop soon as. :grinning:


Yes, just bought my pass :smile: