Punks do JAE 2019 - Its gonna be EPIC!


Tomoz is stand pass day :heart:


i lied. Was today xx


OP updated

Hoodie sales closed

gettigng close guys!!! any more thinking of coming? hurry if you are!!!


Wot time are people leaving and wot route you using , can we meet up somewhere ??? , I’ll be leaving about 11am , are we getting stand passes when we get there ??

Leaving from Scunthorpe so up the A17 for me


I’ll be leaving Sheffield around midday latest (hopefully… remember Welsh time ) and should have a honda Jazz piloted by @Coffeegirl loaded up with the gazebos, flags and all the show gear that isn’t currently with @Bambi_Meg - Cos behind the scenes Megan has been being awesome and sorting out stuff to make our weekend prettier and more comfortable so she has gone out and hussled up another car to transport the rest of the show gear from her place :heart:

@TrikeLife94 you in convoy from Sheff?
@Auck you doing your usual and meeting us at the unit?


You will need to have printed your JAE weekend ticket or have it saved on your phone so they can scan it when you enter the show!


The mighty Baleno is taxed and insured as of today. :nail_care:

So excited xx


Yeah, I’ll be at your unit before 12 :+1:


Awesome seeing you all.

Can I get you all to comment a bit of feedback here please, so I can email Ali and the team with improvement/praise

Thanks guys xx


Well that was another awesome JAE… and so many thanks to go around :smiley:

you are all awesome xxx thank you all so much for coming and spending a windy weekend in what felt like the backend of beyond, after travelling hte a17 and 147 twice this year now (reps meeting) I fully appriciate the effort our Norfolk friends need to go through for the rest of the show calendar. ( @hoodedreeper )

A few special thanks:-

@Bambi_Meg absolute trooper - was again on every kitty sortie to get us all fed, cooked and cleaned all weekend, and in the run up she did the awesomest job of keeping me and the organising on track dispite my general pantsness and work taking over my life for yet another year. you all think that I manage to slap this stuff together by myself? HELL NO! thanks babe x :kiss:

@Auck for once again getting us all loaded up to get down there and bringing all the stuff that couldn’t fit into the primary and secondary support vehicles… you like music? Auck made that possible cos the boom box wasn’t fitting intioo anything else that was coming down from up this way.

@TrikeLife94 for helping get everything back up to sheffield

@Isomx and @maisiemk1 for putting their new camper on the frontlline… The gazebos stood up to the wind… but I’m really not sure that would have been the case with out their fat assed bus protecting them, Ditto for @Tyranno and @Ashlee backing them up with their scoobies

@Coffeegirl for putting her surprisingly spacious Jazz in place as the support vehicle. seriously, it would have been Forester buying / van rental time if she hadn’t, and the warchest is a bit empty at the moment.

To everyone who joined in and helped around the stand, even when I was being a stroppy barsteward… you are all awesome… I think this year everyone chipped in and did stuff… the stand camedown easier than it has in years, we were pretty tidy all weekend, dispite the windy conditions, and it is because we all pulled together and got shit done . bin bags were used then emptied, food was cooked, tents were grappled out of the clutches of the wind , gazebos and dome shelter adjusted 101 times and everyones stuff was taken care of … it was great to see a return to the comrederie of old xxxx you are , all of you, awesome and I love you all very much.

I would love to write more and thank you all for everything you have put into this weekend… but I’m done in, and I gotta get stuff turned around for RRG this Friday.

I would ask one more thing from you all … I think it is fair to say that JAE is one of our favorite shows of the calendar, it has had a few harsh years, and I know the organisors are all trying to turn things round and make things AMAZING again. I feel that this year has been an improvement on last year, but they are getting a bit of a bashing online / facebook. Please show them your support, provide feedback on the stuff you liked, and constructive critism where needed, be open and honest and help them put on the show that we want to attend. I just did so here but I have left reviews on previous years and my most recent essay doesn’t appear in the lisitng.

thank you so mch to all of you that came xxx lets make 2020 even better xxx


For me I had a bloody brilliant weekend and didn’t realise just how much I had missed being around everyone till being there! The beach trip was a particular highlight!

So my recommendation for next year would be definitely a club trip day out on the Friday! :smile: in terms of other recommendations, I don’t know if we would maybe be able bring merch? I really want to get into pushing the club so members of the group having t shirts as well as our awesome hoodies, maybe I should bring some actual camera equipment too so can do better photos?

Camp equipment:

-portable projector
-slip n slide (loved this idea from @Bambi_Meg cause I’m a big kid)
-punks banner to accompany the flags
-support vehicle (yes me and Matt will get on with the pickup) that could be used for club sharing equipment ie could have a bigger cool box in the back etc etc :smiley:

But I can’t wait for retro rides!!


Hilariously, I made lino print Punks t-shirts but totally forgot about them :woman_facepalming:


We had a great time, it felt very much like the JAEs of old, and overall I rate the venue, hope they stick with it.

Stand wise I think we were about as organised and prepared as we would ever need to be.

As far as wider suggestions go for JAE itself, it would be great to see a mobile dyno/RR at next years event… i’m sure loads of people would be willing to pay £20 odd quid for a power run!


They did plan on having a mobile dyno, but the company pulled out last minute and they couldn’t find a replacement


A big thanks to everyone I had a great time , love JAE and you all make it a great show , plus thanks for saving my tent lol , role on 2020 :grin::sunglasses: