Punks do JAE 2019 - Its gonna be EPIC!


Limited Edition hoodies incoming!!! early artwork


when you get to checkout it says returning customer , you click to log in and nothing happens even tho I went to the checkout logged in on the forum , if in put in the details I have in again it says theres already details that match and were back to square one


Stand passes bought for me and the missus. We will be coming in the 1 car and with 1 tent :slight_smile:


Help please cannot get my pass , I’ve tried everything I can pay another way if needed , don’t wanna miss out


ok… try it now… changed the theme on the whole website just for you :heart:

go to “my account” on top menu first and try loging in there then go through shop, lemmie know how it goes x


hey everyone :smiley:

behind the scenes @Bambi_Meg and I are trying to get a few things sorted for this years JAE… Megan is cracking on with entertainments and decorations for the stand… If anyone has any additional games suggestions then please let Megan know… she is cracking on with it all at a fair pace :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I have sourced us a more portable pairing of BBQs (actually got ours in time for Japfest, we are borrowing a second for the JAE Weekend)
so thats the cooking sorted :smiley:

Gazebos are hitching a lift down in a moderate support vehicle. Event shelter and BBQs will be in with me.

Electricity hookup has been ordered and paid for.

Ordered more 12v lighting, should be here on Monday.

Limited edition hoodies… I may have gone a bit overboard with the design… leading me to offering 2 variations…

Our usual 1 colour print format

and a triple layer awesome, white, silver and glitter red one… i have already admited to getting carried away, so please dont hang me!

so we have Limited edition and … errrrr… super limited edition? I dunno… I’m kinda making this up as a I go along… what I do know is the super limited edition will take extra time and materials to make… so they will cost more than our usual prices for the single colour print. £45 for the single colour limited edition, £55 for the triple colour super limited edition. I’ll get a thread up for the orders , but we will need to be super swift (like bloody usual, I’m cutting it fine here - sorry)

Stand passes… I’m figuring rather than an a4 printed sheet… I’ll see if I can make some similarly designed stickers… wont be as much detail or same proportions… but something in simiilar vein.

errr… what else?



Done it wooo see you there


Whoop :smiley: xx


I’m off the week of Jae so I can come up Thursday morning and help if needed , are we convoying :grinning:


Awesome :slight_smile: iirc it opens at the same time for everyone this year… Think it’s midday on the Thursday… @Bambi_Meg will correct me Inna sec :rofl:


@Yetidragon @rooster

Gates open officially at 3pm.
They will open them earlier if they can.

It literally depends on how quick they can get in and mark out the club plots basically. X


Thanks @Bambi_Meg :heart:


I’ll be there to help set up no probs , can come up and meet up at anytime Thursday , as I’m in scunny it’s a run through Lincoln then on to the a17 to the show ground , done it lots of times as it’s one of my lorry runs lol


Just a little update, as they’ve changed some of the rules

Support Vehicles
We are entitled to ONE support vehicle pass. I don’t think we actually have a support vehicle this year, but anyway.

Non Jap Parking
This year, there is a dedicated area for non jap cars to park, while you can still camp on stand and enjoy the show. If you really want to come, but don’t currently have a jap car - you still can! Let me or @Yetidragon know and as Matt said - put your car on your stand pass ticket order so we know what’s going on so we can organise the stand accordingly.

Glass Bottles/Containers
Previously, the organisers said glass bottles were ok to have on stand. They’re now requesting that there be as little glass on stands as possible. Cans and decanting liquid from glass containers into plastic cups will be encouraged.

Any questions, please ask :sunglasses:


Prototype of the limited edition 3 colour hoodie printed…


Below is the timetable of events for JAE 2019 -

3pm - Club Access to Showground (Gates Open)
4pm - Fairground Rides & Catering Open

11:30am - Initial D on the Big Screen
1pm - IKO: Sponge Race
2:30pm - IKO: Sack Race
4pm - IKO: Relay Race
5:30pm - IKO: Space Hopper Race
6pm - DJ Klash Set
7pm - IKO: Quiz @ Main Stage Area
8pm - Blind Tiger Set
9:30pm - DJ Klash Set

10:30am - IKO: Tug of War
12:30pm - IKO: Walk the Plank Race
1pm - Emergency Services Display
2pm - Japanese Drummers
2:30pm - IKO: Car Pull
4pm - IKO: Feel The Pain Endurance
5pm - Show & Shine Winners Announcement
5:30pm - Japanese Drummers
6pm - DJ Klash Set
7pm - Cosplay & Trophies
8pm - Toploader
9pm - Memorial Video & Rocket
9:05pm - Fireworks Display
9:15pm - The Fabulators

8am-12pm - Free Club Member Entry to Showground
12pm - Last Entry to Showground
4pm - Show Closes



Stand passes bought, can you put us on the list please? Or are we supposed to c + p and do it ourselves? Sounds like it’s going to be an awesome weekend x


@maisiemk1 Matt will add you to the list :sparkling_heart:


Stand pass and hoodie bought.


Just bought 3 stand passes
Myself and Ashlee will be coming with one passenger.

If we could be added to the list please.