Punks do JAE 2019 - Its gonna be EPIC!

Fun times. I need to do a bit of this too

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Long overdue but finally bought our tickets!

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Got my ticket can’t wait love it :sunglasses::sunglasses::blush:

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Finally got my ticket booked and paid for… Get my name down :smiley:

Not long to gooooo

not long at all, this year is going by way too fast #pushpanicbutton
we do have a support vehicle now tho :smiley: @ColdFInger is loading his scoob up with the gazebos
Just need to work out how to get BBQ there… I may have a solution for this tho :smiley:

Other main piece of business is fancy dress theme, and getting the stand filled to the brim!

Oh and limited edition hoodies / tshirts :smiley:

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Get those stand passes sorted bruuuu

Yuki will be there, owner will follow

Update time :clap:

Back in late April (That’s gone waaay too fast… :open_mouth:) @Yetidragon and I attended the JAE Reps meeting at the Norwich Showground.
Here’s a few points and notes I took down at the time, but due to work/getting pneumonia/general too busyness I didn’t get up on here (sorry bout it :tipping_hand_woman:) -

  • The musical acts will be made up of Toploader, DJ Klash, Fabulators, Blind Tiger, Japanese Drummers and some others
  • They have invested A LOT of money in the sound system this year, so hopefully that’s an improvement
  • The IKO and it’s corresponding points, will consist of Tug o’ War, Endurance, Car Pull, Plank Race, Sponge Water Race, Relay, Cosplay, Friday Night Quiz. I think more info on this will come out sooner to the event so keep your eyes out, or just let me know now if there’s something you particularly want to do. Historically, the IKO has been a huge point of contention and dispute so we’ll see…!
  • The main sponsor of the event is RestorFX. They apparently have a vast product range and will have a stand with offers and franchise opportunities in the trade village. Their training manager will be the Show & Shine Judge
  • Traders/Partners of the show include Sumo Power, Toyota, Royal British Legion, Beauty Room, Tajaco Embroidery & Print, Utility Warehouse, The AA, Radio Norwich/The Beach Great Yarmouth, JD Motorsport Engineering, Gourmet Donuts and more
  • 4x4 course will hopefully gain a sponsor to run demos during the day. Apparently, anyone can take their own vehicle through the course out of sponsorship run hours, possibly with a charitable donation. More info nearer the event
  • They want to push the JAE yearbook this year, so please email any pictures to ian@JAE-show.co.uk after the show. I’ll do a post reminding you of this once the event is over
  • Tickets will be emailed in July - this month - We don’t have to print them as the QR code can be read from phone screens
  • Memorial rocket requests are welcomed - please email the JAE team at the email address provided on the JAE web page
  • Participants in the track day can drop all your stuff at the camp site before going to the track. It will be kept in the show hall, so please, if you do decide to do this, put your name or a name tag on your shit! Don’t want any tents or a weekends worth of clothing going missing…! A reminder - the track day is entirely Motorsport Mission not JAE
  • Support Vehicles - 1 per club. Request a pass from security upon arrival
  • Out of Hours emergency number will be on the show guides
  • On site speed limit to be set, but it will be enforceable; you will get the piss taken out of you by the entirety of the campsite if you get told off so don’t be a dick
  • No drones unless you have the appropriate licences - a commercial pilots licence I believe
  • Charcoal BBQs are fine, but not required as hopefully we will have the Punks mega grill again
  • Official opening time is THURSDAY 8TH AUGUST 3PM. If they can open the gates earlier, they will
  • Glass bottles on stand are fine. Near the stage and fairground - no
  • Technically there are no noise restrictions, but let’s please not be the wankers revving our engines from cold at 3am yeah?
  • General tickets are NON-transferrable
  • And finally. TURBOFIRE. It all depends on how dry the grass is

If you’ve managed to get through all of that - CONGRATULATIONS :grin:

One final point for now -

FANCY DRESS - as suggested by @Erik69, we’re going for a cosplay/fancy dress theme of ‘PUNKS’. Repping the namesake.

@Yetidragon will have stand passes up ASAP in the shop so look out for those.

Love xxx


Awesome update @Bambi_Meg :smiley:

Like Megan said… I was at the reps meet too… but (surprise) Megan paid FAR more attention than I… I blame fatigue getting the car put back together… but that is no real excuse… Luckily Megan has it covered… and in the background she has been suitably chastising me for being crap and niggling at me to get stuff sorted.

a few little points… The support situation… the question of support vehicle is a bit up in the air… well not so much vehicle as person to drive vehicle… we have access to 2 Subarus that are capable of carrying gear, just no current driver, and there is the question of TAX, MOT, Insurance (depending on which of the brace of them we are talking about) I am lamenting the loss of Eddie the Elgrand / not having time to get the pickup running… anyway, we are where we are.

So massive 6 burner BBQ may not be possible, but I have secured a smaller one which should suffice esp with the lower cap on numbers we have put in place this year. but hopefully we will have both there…

Gazebos are the other big item to get down there. if nothing else then there will be a couple of MX5s with them strapped to the roll cage…

Stand passes will be going in the shop as soon as I can, and have worked out hte maths on how much they need to be to cover costs of the weekend… as soon as I have worked out the costs (Stand + Elec hire + support vehicle + any extra gear we findout we need) should have them up by mid week.

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I’m still trying to obtain a driver to take my Subaru as I will be taking my mx5, I am more than willing to put into the pot for a ticket if needs be for someone who can’t take they’re own car and I’ll help with day insurance of sorts for them to take it…

Hiya @ColdFInger , so with your scoob, is it for nice times, or is it suitable for stinking big BBQ transport? X

@Bambi_Meg We took all of the stuff for japfest and trax in it last weekend but with nothing else in it would probably fit the BBQ and a couple of other bits in, the only issue being I can’t drive 2 cars :stuck_out_tongue: I’m happy for anyone here to drive it down there though x

@ColdFInger ah nice! Getting in all the shows this year then :wink:

Is it an estate scoob then? X

No it’s a saloon but all the back of it is stripped out to get things in through boot…

@Bambi_Meg like I say anyone is welcome to drive it, legally of course will still be taxed and mot’d just need day insurance on it as I will have moved mine on to my new mx5… And I will be taking the 5 rather than the scoob unfortunately

@ColdFInger we’ll keep you in the loop mate, it’s all still in planning right now lol x

Passes are live in the shop!!!

We are limited to 30ish passes (depending on how may people are passengers, those damn cars take space to display nicely) so please on check out note down how many cars and how many tents are in your booking so we can allocate space correctly

we need to cover the costs so far ( £60 for the plot, £121 for the electricity) costs that we will have to cover (Gas for the BBQ, last year we went through about £50 worth) and hopefully fully sort out lighting and some more games / entertainment with anything left over

so limited numbers… not much time to go… dont piss about!!! go get them now!

Won’t let me log in at checkout , save me a pass :grin:

it isn’t same login as forum mind matey.