Punks do JAE 2019 - Its gonna be EPIC!

Image coming

Tickets start on sale on Monday 10th December
JAE is gonna be EPIC again
Venue is Norfolk Show ground
Thursday is back!!! complete with trackday at Snetterton
Thursday 8th August - Sunday 11th August
Live music - INC Toploader , The Fabulators and Blind Tiger
Bigger Trade village
Show and shine
and a bunch of other stuff

We are on plots 41 and 43 :slight_smile: and roughed up a possible stand layout, looks like we can get approx 34 of us on stand :smiley:

What do you need to bring?

→ Your car
→ A tent and sleeping bag
→ Money for Kitty
→ Beer
→ Northern to English Dictionary
→ Fancy Dress for Saturday Night (Theme is TBC.)
→ Moar Beer

As usual we will be having a Kitty for group food, this covers BBQ food buns burgers, crisps, snacks, sweets, breakfast foods etc, soft drinks, that sorta stuff. Its a BYOBooze or go fetch/ ask the Hunter Gathers to retrieve you some on the kitty run… Booze isn’t part of the kitty.

we will once again cover costs of the stand by having a separate stand pass, sold through the shop
There will be limited edition JAE 2019 hoodies , tshirts and stickers - as soon as we have a fancydress theme that i can base the artwork off.

Attending on Punks Stand:-

  1. Yetidragon
  2. @corders
  3. @Bambi_Meg
  4. @Coffeegirl
  5. @TrikeLife94
  6. Tess
  7. @Auck
  8. @JoeDM
  9. @rooster
  10. @ScORTED
  11. @Sophie
  12. @Tyranno
  13. Tyranno passenger
  14. @Ashlee
  15. @James_Langston
  16. Tiffany Langston
  17. @MickX5
  18. @maisiemk1
  19. @Isomx
  20. @Palmer

Stick me name on :smiley:

done xxxx <3

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get me on that list!!!

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Put me and jaqs on there

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Yaaaaaaaaaaas m8


Me and the wife are in, chuck my name down…haven’t seen a lot of you for a few years since the mx5nutz days so should be a fun reunion.

James L


I’m so fucking excited for TopLoader.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to organising this again this year with @Yetidragon

Like he said, 2019 will be bigger, more awesome and with even more Lil’ Jon references… 2018 crowd - you know what I’m sayin’


Put my name on please not missing this , now I have my oversized tent to glamp in :grin::grin::grin::grin:

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I’ll defo be there :grin:

List updated… and thats like a quarter of the stand already :slight_smile:


Suggestion for fancy dress as I have a tent that looks like king Arthers boudoir lol , knights of the round table :grin:


Put me down :smiley:


Plots go on sale tonight at 7pm :smiley: sat here waiting to get our order in :smiley:


added our plot details into the OP :smiley:

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Almost neighbours, we’re plot 58 :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,

Quick update - Yeti and I are attending the reps meeting at Norfolk Showground on Sunday 28th April.

If there are any questions, comments, ideas etc., you’d like us to ask/talk about please get them up on this thread, and we will put them forward.
I’ll also get some pics of the venue and facilities :sunglasses:


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Anyone want to go halfs on the trackday on the Thursday at Snetterton? It’ll be £169 for car & driver plus £30 for additional driver. So £100 each for a day of open pit lane!

Happy to use my car

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@TrikeLife94 u wan?

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I wish :frowning: pouring money into the car to try get it there