Punks do JAE 2018


The charcoal BBQ ban has been lifted.

You still have to have them 50cm off the ground, but they’re now allowed.

Unfortunately, we still can’t see the return of the fire pit, which makes me very sad :sleepy:


Going to miss you :frowning:


:disappointed_relieved: this makes me sad xx


Booo no Dave and Emily :sob:

But yay less than a week to go! Excitement building


I may try and wangle this somehow so they do come :joy:


How about getting a charcoal barbie and using it as a flame less fire pit :yum:


that is a good idea :smiley:


We’ve got a cheap bucket BBQ we can bring to act as a fake BBQ for heat purposes. No flames… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I’m printing hoodies…


That looks so good! Simple but I really love it. Nice one


While I remember everyone, the entrance details and location to the Showground are different this year…

“This year, we are entering the Showground via the entrance that is opposite to the one that was used last year, known as the DUNBLANE ENTRANCE. If you are using a Sat Nav, please use the postcode PE2 6SH”

:slight_smile: Meg xx


Who’s in on Thursday , I’ll be coming early fri morning :sunglasses:


So far it’s @Yetidragon, @corders and me on the Thursday setting up.

Should be fine, but we have room for one more, unless that’s changed Matt?


Yeah currently the 3 of us 1 spare pass left for tonight. You free @rooster?


I’m working , if I do come it would be late say around 9pm , as I would have to get home from work pack my car etc , if it’s ok to come late i would love too , let me know😁


Well I’ve got the pass here :slight_smile: gonna be awesome Peterborough by 5. Not sure if campsite has a cut off time for entry. As long as you are happy then sweet :slight_smile: drop you a on with my number


Managed to grab another person to come on stand with us, his names sam and drives a civic ep3 he’s not in the forum though​:see_no_evil: the more the merrier eh :kissing_heart: see you guys tomorrow evening at around 6:30 :hugs: