Punks do JAE 2018


Stand passes purchased for me and Sue


Funky rgb coloured lights seem a bit of a faff in the long run, no one ever really wants the hassle of setting them up, and they need a bit of tlc ideally.

I think we’d better off with a bunch of these, the hanging bulbs seemed to work fairly well and were fairly decent when charged, and although funky lights are cool, something cheap, quick to setup, can just be chucked in a box with no knowledge of how to set them up, and that just works is better.


I agree that the LED strips were awesome in the short term, but the constuction of them was a bit problematic as an ongoing solution,
String lights may be a bit more resilient and easier to deploy
Single point lanterns like you have linked would be a good middle ground and versatile. and like you said, they just work so could very well be the best solution.

hopefully we will have a bit of a budget soon, basically stand passes need to cover the essentials first (stand costs we £60, BBQ gas, depending on how many people we have is £50 to £100 for 1-2 bottles, Electricity is a min of £176 for the hookup, anything over that will be put into lighting and anything else we deem required, like the fold up firepit)

Depending on numbers on stand, we could have a decent budget, or not much lol, Ive probably forgotten a few things but our “break even” point is around 25 people on stand, each extra stand pass will get us more budget to get more shiney stuff.

If we are short on stuff then I can chip in a bit, and I’m sure there are others that would too, but would be great if we can get a load of people on stand, and do it all out of the stand pass budget :smiley:


Updated OP with payments so far :smiley:


Me @tristan_duggan and @ducksbeballin have all now got passes and tickets :call_me_hand: never done jae before. Do they send them out or do we need to print them when available?


I’ve paid for the stand pass, my paypal email is different from the forums. My paypal email is deardevildude@gmail.com. :+1:


Dammit, you guys musta pressed pay straight after I did my last check lol :heart:
Updated the thread with ya all now .

The tickets get emailed out from JAE, you swap them for bands at the gate.

The stand pass I’ll sort you out with :smiley:


Getting exciting now :smiley:

Hoping to get some responses from companies about the costumes for fancy dress soon.

There’s also been a release regarding IKO for this year as below -

Tug of War
A classic competition of strength and determination!
Mens 8 / Ladies 8

So much harder than it looks, for the Endurance competition you have to hold a car tyre outstretched for as long as possible.

Car Pull
Wearing a special harness, you have to pull a car over a set distance as quickly as possible.

Flipper Race
You might be a legend at swimming with flippers, but can you run across our IKO field with flippers and goggles?

Space Hopper Race
The classic Space Hopper from the 80’s is in the IKO field for you to bounce your way to the winners podium.

Sponge Water Race
Moving water? With a sponge? It’s not at all easy, but it is a good laugh!

Relay Race
It’s a sports day favourite and one that requires lots of sideline cheering!

It’s one of the most anticipated points of Saturday, where the car clubs gather in hilarious fancy-dress costumes to win the Cosplay Competition.
Friday Night Quiz
Hosted by Masaya Yumeda from HKS, a opportunity to earn points for your club in the IKO, whilst enjoying an evening of challenging (and some not-so-challenging) quiz questions!

To enter any of the IKO games, visit the ADMIN OFFICE during show opening hours and sign your team up.

So they’ve changed the way these are set up and how we sign up.

If you have any specific interest in a particular event, just put your hand up on here and I’ll start a list, otherwise who knows what you’ll get dragged into on the day :wink:


This is my first time doing JAE and this list is making me very excited! :call_me_hand: id be happy putting my name down for space hopper race!



Be sure to come find me (I’ll probably be with Yeti or Corders) to make sure we get you on the list on the day :slight_smile:



Two paid for (me and the missus)


Going well guys :slight_smile: need to get the rest of the stand payments in quick tho, need to pay out for the electrical hook up and get some more lighting sorted! Don’t hang about!
Still got more space for any else wanting to bring mates , so spread the word people! It’s gonna be awesome :slight_smile:


The RC Drift track is back too :smiley: I better dust off the drift car :smiley: Wonder if i’ll get time to paint the new shell?


got my pass and my ticket , on the day do you want money for food from us all say £20 ??? will contribute as much as I can


I would say we’ll run it like last year. Yeti and I will discuss how much as soon as we can :slight_smile:


What’s the fancy dress ??? Time is running out :anguished:


Jocks and cheerleaders was the winner, trying to sort out some custom American football / icehocky tops in full punks colours, will update as soon as I can if successful, just struggling for time ATM.
Also trying to sort out numbers on stand … people seem a bit quiet this year … Spread the word guys!


getting closer guys! everyone got their passes and tickets sorted out?


Ok… Time is short, but if there is enough interest, and with a few days off next week I can get Limited edition Hoodies made for JAE. Who would be in?


Well, for the first time in 6/7years me and Dave wont be attending. Have a fab time guys and girls xx