Punks do JAE 2018


Historically one of the bigger and most awesome shows in the ‘Punks calendar. After the whirlwind events that are the day long shows, where the day has passed before you have had much chance to chat with people, JAE has long been a tranquil relaxing couple of days with the rest of the ‘Punks full of fun, frolics and banter… a bit of fancy dress… beer… oh yeah, and cars.

should have all our usual stuff with us, so 3 Gazebos, BBQ , music etc etc

Would love to bottom out a few other things that we have been a bit weak on , need to revisit lighting again for instance, but We’ll get it sorted :smiley:

Managed to Book Plots A25 and 26, giving us a total plot size of 44m by 30m so we should have plenty of space available… ok, so I might have panic booked, and we might have an excessive amount of space, IIRC we usually have 24m x 36m, damn new plot sizes might have thrown me a little there…

Same as last year, there will be stand passes available in the 'Punks shop to secure your space, This pass gets you , your car, and your camping stuff space on the stand at JAE. This goes towards the stand fees, the electrical hookup, gas for the BBQ etc etc, really hoping to revisit the question of lighting again this year too

Pass here :- https://combustionpunks.co.uk/product/jae-stand-pass-2018


  1. Yetidragon PAID :moneybag:
  2. @Bambi_Meg
  3. @corders
  4. @TrikeLife94 PAID :moneybag:
  5. @Fliss94 PAID :moneybag:
  6. @MickX5
  7. @ScORTED
  8. @Sophie
  9. @rooster PAID :moneybag:
  10. @jack_bland PAID :moneybag:
  11. @Pip PAID :moneybag:
  12. @Palmer
  13. @Dixon206
  14. @Bryant307
  15. @Lev101
  16. @ducksbeballin PAID :moneybag:
  17. @tristan_duggan PAID :moneybag:
  18. @savillerulz PAID :moneybag:
  19. @Miles
  20. @Isomx PAID :moneybag:
  21. @maisiemk1 PAID :moneybag:
  22. @patryk PAID :moneybag:
  23. Patryks mrs PAID :moneybag:
  24. @JoeDM PAID :moneybag:
  25. @savillerulz Better half Gemma PAID :moneybag:

Prepping for 2018 - Show options



JAE 2017 Discussions started way back in December 2016 (!!!), Yet it is May 2018 and there’s little talk about this years show.

So, who’s coming? How are people feeling about it? etc etc… Let’s get the ball rolling!



I’ll be there!! :smile:


Yuki will be going, I suppose i’ll accompany her.


@Sophie and I have tickets already :slight_smile:


Yayyy do a JAE


I’ll be there , gonna get a new tent for it :grin:


Ill be there and im bringing a few mates along, ive never done JAE before and the website is confusing :see_no_evil: how do i go about grabbing tickets?


Working on all this this week :slight_smile:
It is either gonna be buy tickets direct from JAE and a stand pass from the punks shop, or we may be able to do a package of both… Will update as soon as I’ve got it sorted this week :slight_smile:
Until then… there is the fancy dress to vote on :slight_smile:


Aye I’ll be there, Yuki too


I’ll be possibly bringing 2 cars :grin:


Hi Matt,

Myself, Joe and Graham will be there :+1:



@ducksbeballin will be goin too along with a mate but he’s not on the forum yet. Ill do an invite :kissing_heart:


Invited by @jack_bland, Definitely coming too! First time doing JAE, Should be good!


That’ll be fun to watch you drive in, In both.


Just booked weekend tickets. Do I need a stand pass?


How much are the “fees” this year?


Yeah stand passes will be needed , hoping to get them in the shop today. Gotta work out how much they will be, last year they were £15 to help cover the plot, electrical hookup, gas for the BBQ etc etc, hoping we can re-vist the question of lighting this year with any surplus funds :smiley:


Passes are live in the shop :smiley:


Got my stand pass :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:, paid