Punks do an Autumn Super Peaks Meet '2018


The 3rd and final Super Peaks Meet is finally upon us. This years series has been a whole lotta fun, and I don’t see any reason why this one would be any different :smiley: @Lokki is once again in charge of organising

When? Sunday 28th October 11am
Where? The Yondermann Cafe

What is Super Peaks Meet?
The Combustionpunks Super Peaks Meets are a series of 3 organised meets in Peak District throughout the year. Convoys are usually organised from Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Sheffield and other cities. If you want to organise a convoy from your local area, then feel free :smiley: just post up a thread on the forum and start an event on the punks group on facebook :smiley:

So the plan:-
Convoys arrive at The Yonderman Cafe for around 11 AM we grab a late breakfast and chill out for a bit, kick the tyres and shoot the breeze until around 12:30 when we convoy to our second venue… The second venue is up in the air at the moment, Keith is getting some info back from some possibles, including @Jay_Moss suggestion of The Jug & Glass Inn Peak District which is reopening soon, will be confirmed soon.

There will be the usual badges available for grabs, inc convoy organiser, ranger danger, tail gunner etc… you never know, I may even get chance to make the stickers in advance :smiley:

so spread the word far and wide… its gonna be fun :smiley:


I can confirm our second venue is the jug and glass inn near ashbourne on the A515


Am I being silly, or is there no date posted here? We still doing 28th October?


Nope… That’s my bad… I’ll add it in now :slight_smile:


Whoop :slight_smile: this Sunday :slight_smile: be good to shake out the cobwebs :slight_smile:


Any convoys from the Middle lands?


Hai! Any chance of some details of the route between Yonderman and The Jug & Glass?
Very much doubt that I’ll get to the Yonderman on time but might be able to pick up en route.
Otherwise I’ll just go straight there.


Don’t know about any convoys from down your way yet @MonkeySpanker @Pip usually organises one, but I’m thinking he’s a bit busy at the moment :frowning: Post one up :smiley: just plan to be at yonderman for around 11 :smiley:


Not sure on the route we will be taking, @Lokki do you have one on lock down yet or we winging it?


I won’t be making this one, we have a private scan appointment Sunday morning then I’ll be in the garage trying to make my car run lol


Looks like I’m coming in the daily now anyway.

New clutch slave cylinder has decided to piss all the fluid out. I’ll buy OEM this time…


Just remember if you are dyslexic, your cocks go black this weekend :joy::joy::joy:


A great drive out again, even if we did get lost ( @Frankenfive,) great venues and great friends
Big shout out to @Lokki for arranging it all again! Maybe @Yetidragon should do a Golden Member badge for his sterling work !!!


Snigger… “Golden Member” sounds like a sex toy :slight_smile:


Yeah another epic adventure, thanks to all that joined us, the weather did us proud again, great venues and no gold member badge required, I do it because I love it and all you guys. Well that’s the end of this years fun and games, just got the Xmas meet to do but that’s Yeti’s problem. Roll on next year for more fun and frolics


Right… finally back in the unit :smiley:

I think I speak for us all when I say a massive thanks to @Lokki for today, and both the other peaks meets that he has so ably organised this year :smiley: Especially coinsidering the last part of this year he has been busy getting married and stuff to the lovely @Jaqs He did a great job of the weather too :smiley: we’ve had some great venues, and some great roads to play on :smiley:
A small mishap with the middle convoy… maybe we should all be trying to get that Breaker Breaker badge and put some CBs in our cars to help with little niggles along the way :smiley: (Says he with a CB… on a shelf in the unit… naff all it did there today right?)
I hear that @Lokki is already pressing on with some awesome plans for next years meets too… hugely looking forward to them :smiley:

Thansk to everyone who made the effort to come out and play today, the atmosphere and comradere was awesome as ever <3

And to our venues, The Yonderman Cafe, The Jug and Glass, many thanks for letting us clutter up their carparks, and in many cases probably drop oil too. Give them a like on facebook and say thanks if you could X Funny how we ended up in Bakewell again… wonder why that is @Jaqs? :smiley: :wink: x

Thanks again one and all for a great day out :smiley: , keep your eyes peeled for the next one early on next year :smiley: