'Punks do a Fireworks Run

ok so its that final time of the year for punks to do a run out into the peak district and this one should be a little different, as the date for this falls near to bonfire night we think it would be a great opportunity to go to one of the highest points in the peak district to see 100’s of fireworks displays going of at once, also bring some burgers, sausages or whatever else you like for our fearless leader to cook on the BBQ in the location we choose to view the displays, the location is yet to be announced as there are several contenders that need to be verified but the meeting point is very easy,

Sainsbury’s store, Matlock, DE4 3SP @ 17.00pm

Here we can meet up and do our usual chatting and other stuff, from here we will travel along the A6 into buxton and beyond into some of the highest parts of the district, hoping to arrive at the then organised location to set up our little party area, here we will enjoy the fireworks from the several visible counties, and send off the end of the punks season will a bang. Also as this is also very close to Halloween why not dress for occasion and scare all the locals as we drive through the towns.

hope to see you all there and more details of final location coming soon

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Sorry guys I won’t be able to make this one as I am working that Saturday and I have plans later that evening. Hope you all have a great night and post loads of pics

I’ll be coming :slight_smile: