Punks do a Christmas do '19

:joy::joy: doh

ok guys - need to get these things booked in… and to do that we need some funds, soooooo…Tickets live in the shop :smiley: lets get this sorted out :smiley:

All booked and paid for :grin:

Having difficulty with the karting booking in Notts, not sure if we got sniped or if our failed payment os holding the booking- I’ll keep you posted. If it has gone then may need to relocate karting as next booking at Notts aint till 5oclock - I’ll keep you posted

and to pile it on a bit, the countryman is fully booked… so after suggestions of alternatives!

OK… Karting booked… 15:45 at Team Sport Notts

We need to be there at 15:00 :smiley:

Its 15 mins drive from Notts City centre, so how about gathering in Notts at the christmas market before hand for bants and coffee and snacks and a snoop around the christmas markets :smiley:

After the karting we will be going for fud :smiley: where exactly is a little bit of a mystery at the moment, our first choice was booked, so I have bent @Gareth_Jones ear for some more recommendations in the area, next one we are trying to book is the Carnarvon, I havn’t been able to get through to them so far this evening to place our booking so I’ll be calling them daytime tomorrow

Right, food booking sorted. In the end managed to get a spot not too far from the Karting place.
16 of us sitting down to eat at 6PM at the Riverside Farm in Notts. so the itinery is now:-

From 11 am slowly congregate in Notts City centre and enjoy the christmas market… if you like this sorta thing then turn up early, if you dont then feel free to go straight to…

Karting at Teamsport at 15:00 , our track slot for 2 x 15 min Races are scheduled for 15:45 and we need to be there 40 mins prior for all the safety briefings etc https://www.team-sport.co.uk/go-karting-nottingham/

Riverside Farm 18:00 to eats https://www.farmhouseinns.co.uk/pubs/nottinghamshire/riverside-farm/?utm_source=g_places&utm_medium=locations&utm_campaign=

just checked out the menu, looks superb

Hi guys, there is a card and coffee event at the Clock Warehouse in Shardlow on Sunday morning 900hrs onwards if any one is interested. It’s about 10 mins max from the motorway and we could do this before going to the Xmas market!!

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That’s Cars and coffee!!!

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Sounds like an awesome Idea @Erik69

I could meet anyone coming south at Toton services around 0800-0830 hrs then we can make tracks down there!!

Right so who’s up for meeting at Toton services southbound, at 0800-0830hrs on Sunday and then head over to the coffee and cars event at Shardlow???

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I’m hoping to, cos it might well be last ever outing for the mk2… But I’m out on the piss 2 nights in a row before hand… So I’ll let you know on the day :rofl::joy:

I’ll text you at 7 to see if your up :rofl::rofl::rofl:

That’s just cruel :joy::rofl:

But we have such a full day ahead of us!

Well that was a great day out :smiley: I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as I did :smiley:

Thank you to everyone who turned out yesterday :smiley: especially those that travelled so far ( I really am gonna have to create a “traveller badge” or something similar for the guys that travel furthest for a show / meet)

It was great to see so many of us in one place, with a fine cross section of new, old and regulars :smiley: you are all awesome xx and every time we get together it reminds me what an awesome collection of friends we have on here xx I have high hopes for an amazing seaason next year with loads of great memories to be made with the shows and meets and projects we will all be cracking on with.

Onwards into 2020!!!

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