Punks do a Christmas do '19

So I have been getting requests about setting up a christmas meet.

Notoriosly a tricky one to set up and keep everyone happy due to our varied geographical spread and different preferences on activities - and strangely for a car club Christmas markets and crazy golf has often ranked highly on things people have wanted to do.

So this year - early plans are for Sunday the 15th December, Karting in Nottingham, then a meal at the Countryman inn… the food there was EPIC last time we went

both of these will need booking and deposits, so we’ll have to get cracking, anyone that wants to lend a hand in organising then please shout up :smiley: xx


  1. @Yetidragon
  2. @Erik69
  3. @Lokki
  4. @Frankenfive
  5. @ColdFInger
  6. @DriftyEwok
  7. @Dubboy
  8. yetis mate steve
  9. @Isomx
  10. @maisiemk1
  11. Dougy
  12. Michael Garwood
  13. @Bambi_Meg


  1. @Gareth_Jones
  2. @Katie_Elizabeth
  3. @Isomx
  4. @maisiemk1
  5. @Bambi_Meg
  6. @Jaqs
  7. @Yetidragon
  8. lizzie
  9. Emily
  10. @Erik69
  11. @bear
  12. @Lokki
  13. @Frankenfive
  14. @ColdFInger
  15. @Dubboy
  16. yetis mate steve
  17. Dougy
  18. Michael Garwood
  19. @Bambi_Meg

At least I’m less likely to be surprised by whose there this time :grin:

I’ll need to see if I can get the days off though.

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@Yetidragon my wife and i would be interested in joining you guys on the 15th Dec xmas get together, it’s a 1.5 to 2hr drive for us but worth it for a day with good people :+1::+1::+1:

I’m in pal

Not sure due to location.
Won’t be karting but would deffo come to watch maybe if we can.

Not sure about the karting for me, maybe spectate and meal Lokki will do both, do you need any help ?

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I’ll be there :grin:

I’ll be able to make the meal but not the karting :blush:

I’ll be there :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

Still on my leave request and to see what Sue’s shift pattern is going to be like. When we know, we’ll make sure you know.


you all mentioned coming on Facebook… you guys in?

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Update - looking like Karting will be £30 each for upto 16 of us for 2 x 15 minute races. some spaces left

Me for food and karting tess just for food :slight_smile:

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Me for go karting please lad :call_me_hand:t2:

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thanks for the offer of help @Jaqs xx
as soon as we have some firmish numbers I may well need a hand getting the bookings sorted xx untill then its a case of nudging everyone to get their names down x go nudge :smiley:

wow this is your first post on the forum!!! whoop :smiley: x
added to the list :smiley:
you coming for food after too?

I’ll hold the coats :smiley:

Not sure at the moment bud

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no worries matey, just let me know :smiley:

@Yetidragon delboy’s other half is actually @Poshbird :joy::joy::joy:

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