Punks Bingo! Win Stuff!

Time for a little winter fun, hopefully get a few of these up over the next few weeks :smiley:
for the first one - Car Marques you have owned (actually owned, road legal and driven… not bought a pile of scrap and binned it… )

This is done on trust, we aint gona be asking for proof - just dont do over your fellow punks!

Prizes? errrrr… still working on that… how about a bit of a sliding scale based on how popular it is? ( a bit of encouragement for you to all go out and tell your mates about the forum innit :smiley: )

  1. upto 10 people enter - winner gets badge on the forum
  2. 11 to 20 people enter - Winner gets badge on forum and a free sticker
  3. 21 to 30 people enter - Winner gets badge on the forum and a Punks T-shirt
  4. 31 t0 40 People enter - Winner gets badge on forum, sticker and a tshirt

In the case of a draw we’ll have some kinda a tiebreak question or sommit.

How to enter? down load image below on your phone, squigle on the ones youve owned, post up the result, Entries close Midnight Sunday 15th

I’ll share this thread on the facebook group… only entries on this forum post count!

Entries so far:-
16) @Erik69 @Lokki
13) @ScORTED @Jaqs
8) @MonkeySpanker
6) @corders @Snaphappy @jaymoss @Frankenfive @Isomx
5) @Yetidragon
3) @DriftyEwok

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I’m in for a measly 5

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Only 3 for me

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Slightly better with 6

If I include company cars, that comes to 6 :joy:

Being old has its advantages :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I did notice that there is no Porsche or Mitsubishi either!!! No Standard Triumph or BMC as well!!! That at least 4 more I could have had!!!

My meger offering … little chance of me completing a row …

@Yetidragon you forgot the Soarer!! Even parts cars count :rofl::rofl:

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Hahaha if parts counted then I think there would be a whole host more dots on cards.

It wasn’t road legal or driven while I owned it :frowning: it most definitely was a pile of scrap I binned… Well mostly :rofl::joy:

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Ooooooo… 7 entries so far… Almost to winning sticker territory! Come on guys, get your answers in ( even if it’s not gonna be a winner )

Mazda - MX5 (NA), 626 (GF)
Nissan - Nissan have now taken over Mitsubishi so I’m going to sneak the RVR (N73WG) in here as there is no mitsubishi :wink:
Toyota - Celica (Gen 7), and Regius (WindTourer)
Subaru - Sounds the most like Suzuki, so I’m sneaking the Cappo (EA11R) in here
Honda - DC5, and Accord
VW - My old Seat Cordoba was a complete frankenmash up of VW parts and was more Polo and Golf then Cordoba when I bought it, so since there is no Seat I’ll sneak that one in here
BMW - I owned a Rover 200 the same time BMW bought out Rover so it’s an honorary BMW
Citroen - Citroen C1 (Mk1 facelift)
Peugeot - 106 (Mk2 Graduate)
Fiat - Panda (classic), Punto (Mk1), Grande Punto, Bravo (New Shape)

I shall graciously ignore the Dihatsu Move however as, there is no Daihatsu listed, Daihatsu was acquired by Toyota in 2016, and I can’t be bothered to think of an excuse to put it elsewhere!

So 6 then? :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

I had missed some, stinky the discovery and an Almera.
I can’t help thinking I must have had a Jag, a Skoda 🤷
Edit: missed the Punto :grimacing:


Loving that logic mark :joy::joy::joy:
Can you fill mine out I’ve had 50+ cars

Yeah well if Matt’s going to go putting all the wrong manufacturers in there… :roll_eyes:


Just the 16 for me too


13 for me