Punks 2019 Show calendar


So @Pip and @hoodedreeper have between them made quite a comprehensive list of the 2019 showa here

I’m here to try and organise which shows 'Punks are going to have stands at… With a few project cars on the go, I won’t have time to organise a shed load, but below are the ones I can promise to deliver on, and I’ll have the threads for each up very soon.

Any additional shows that people want to attend I would love it if we could have a punks stand representing, and will make all the equipment available etc, they each would just need someone to lead the charge for each of them. @Pip has already volunteered to make the Japanese Performance Show awesome again :heart: Some of the bigger shows will take more than just myself to pull it all together, and they all need us all to dhout about and invite all our mates to come have fun with us xxx

So the list of shows 'Punks will be attending (to be expanded as people volunteer)

Japfest Silverstone - Silverstone - 5th May - @Yetidragon
Retro Rides Weekender - Goodwood - 18th 19th May @Yetidragon
Japfest Donington - Donington - 13th July @Yetidragon
Trax Donington - Donington- 14th July @Yetidragon
JAE - Norfolk Showground - 8th - 11th August @Yetidragon, @Bambi_Meg
Retro Rides Gathering - Shalesly Walsh - August 18th @Yetidragon
Japanese Performance Show - Sun 18th Aug - @Pip
Trax Silverstone - Silverstone - 6th October - @Yetidragon

want moar? then please shout up to organise them :slight_smile: it really isn’t as hard as I make it look :smiley: xxx


I’m not work traditionally full time, so if you need any help with organising that stuff I can help/do it. I freelance everything in my life, so I can just schedule everything in around it all. #justsayin


im happy doing all the punks runs


Just a heads up, getting things together for the spring punks run, a little different this year but equally as fun hopefully. Full details and dates to go up this evening