Prepping for 2018 - Show options


If enough people cooperate it’s not much of a challenge at all :slight_smile: always free for advice and guidance, you wouldn’t be doing it alone. Excuse to visit and eat some cookies too :thinking::joy:


Id drive up. My old uni town.
I believe skuzzle had a guy drifting there a year or two ago.

Meant to be a really good event


I reckon we drop JDM Combe… we have a few events at combe anyway, and go to coventry En Masse


Are you sending us all to Coventry!! :scream:


I’m off that weekend so a provisional yes from me!!


Hahaha I wonder how many people will get what ya mean… Or if it’s just us old buggers that know that term


Okay so still no further information on Coventry motofest, think I’m gonna go ahead and book a stand anyway.

Gonna book for the Saturday I reckon, how many are interested? Was thinking of booking a 10 car stand.

For submission to book the stand I will need a photograph showing what variety our club has to offer, does anyone have a suitable pic?


Wonder if there are any on the website… @Yetidragon has been working on it, says it’s faster than the fastest website in the West now :thinking::sweat_smile:


Yeah like @JDM_Clare said, we have the website back up and running, and some of the posts on there are quite pic heavy, tehre is also the Facebook page and group wth a load of pics on each :smiley: would be worth a flick through those locations to see what we have already got,
If you cannot find anything suitable there I can have a poke through others saved on the drive in the wrecktory later on tonight too. Other than that I’m sure some of the guys on here have some they can offer up :smiley:


Ace cafe.
Not scrolled through but the mx5 OC have a meet at ace every year around the same time as my MOT (no I cannot be more specific as I forget the date my MOT is due) otherwise they have a full list of planned events on the website so can tie it into one of those.

Also as it’s only a 2 minute drive I can check parking in the area as I know they blocked parking on the opposite side of the street.

**15/07/18 mx5 oc meet


Event details for Simply Japanese at Beaulieu 29th July are up on Facebook and in the forum… add your name to the list if you wanna come! It’s going to be epic :sunglasses::heart_eyes: