Prepping for 2018 - Show options


cool will try and make it whenever it may be


Looks like jap indoor and rrg may clash again then


Castle Combe have not released dates yet, but they have been in touch to confirm club details, Hopefully dates coming for Spring Performance Action day and JDM Combe etc coming soon


Spring Performance Action Day 7th April
Pure Ford 12th May
JDM Combe 2nd June
Summer Action 7th July
Forge Action Day 8th Sept
Mini 29th Sept


thanks matey :heart:
Added them into OP


Looking for a few people to help organise the shows, work is running me ragged for the last few months, and it doesn’t look like it is going to slow down so I can’t cover them all myself. whos gonna step up guys? :heart: xx


Am happy to organise the stand and event for Beaulieu, Simply Japanese? :slight_smile:

I tried so hard to get more folk to attend with me this year on short notice but only @MickX5 made It with me and what a good Job he did! :see_no_evil::joy:

I will be down there for a full week this time, so convoys and navigators would need to be deligated to travelling folk :sweat_smile: happy to sort and recommend any required camping too… It’s a reet treck down!


Awesome :smiley: thanks @JDM_Clare :smiley: I’ve added you to the organisers list in the OP :smiley:

Going to be making an organisers section on the Forum soon, where we can add a few bullet points of what people need to cover when organising one of the shows to give everyone a jumpstart on any shows they are organising :smiley: will hit you up with a link to get some stuff added to the checklists so everyone can benefit from your show organisation :smiley:


The notes in the staff section you’ve made will be an excellent guide when complete! :slight_smile: Happy to help finish those one evening… next year :basketball::joy:

I’d also be up for being part of Team JAE organising… Being one of the show reps should have it’s advantages!


I’ll see about running the combe events seeing as I am local.
Although never sorted something like this.


Awesome :smiley: thanks matey :smiley: we will make sure that there is plenty of help around on what needs to be done :smiley: x


I’ll sort the stand at retro show :grinning:


brilliant :smiley: thanks matey :smiley: xx
added to OP


This is the best way of doing things, to make sure we all get to the events we wanna get to! But this really is gonna take more organisers… don’t be shy… get your name down to help organise a stand at a show! There will be 100% help along the way, as well as how to guides on how to manage it all.

Could you amend the OP and put me down as part of the team to help with JAE please @Yetidragon? :smiley:


Done :smiley:

I’ve started on some helping out stuff based on some lists that me and @JDM_Clare made.

And im’ just starting the stuff for some of the shows I bagsied so will get the stuff up to speed based on the stuff I’ll be doing tonight :smiley:


Im game for a good few shows this year! Im getting a 5 in april so ill actually be able to come to the jap shows this time round :joy: :kissing_heart:


I’m camping at retro rides this year, anyone else coming?


What about Donnington historic? Thought it was really good last time.


@Jay_Moss has just highlighted the Coventry MotoFest


The dates are
Saturday 2nd June & Sunday 3rd June 2018

Described on their site as “Not just another car show”… Held in Coventry City Centre, there is set to be live competitive racing, (first in 30 years) cars, motorcycles, music, film and more.

I haven’t looked as far as pricing, but I have noted JDMCombe is also Saturday 2nd June.

Pretty sure @Jay_Moss would be down for some organising? :stuck_out_tongue:


So looks like @JDM_Clare has volunteered me to arrange a club stand for Coventry motofest. Looks like it could be a good one and is gonna have a street race on too.

Haven’t organised anything like this before but always up for a challenge and earning some team points!

Club stand wise, we could potentially have a stand both days or just one day depending on interest.

I had only planned on attending one day so I’ll have a look into which looks the most eventful.

To apply for a club stand they are asking for expected numbers so would be good to see if anyone is interested that won’t be at JDM Combe.