Prepping for 2018 - Show options


So 2017 is rounding up, just the Christmas meet and Christmas at Rockingham to go… but 2018 Show dates are getting released already, so no rest for the wicked! we need to get started on the planning :smiley: and we need people to be heading up the plans for each one. is there a show youwant to make EPIC? then join in and help organise the 'Punks stand

First thing to decide on… what shows do we want to attend? there are a couple for me that are 100% definates:-

  1. Retro Rides Gathering
  2. JAE 2018.

Traditionally we also squeeze in:-
3 Super Peaks meets
Japfest 2

this last year we managed Fast Car Festival, mostly by dint of it being the day after Japfest 2 and at the same venue with camping, This year its Japfest Donington and Trax Donington.

so going on that our lineup would be, in rough chronological order would be:-

  1. Super Peaks Spring - Lead Organiser - @Lokki DONE
    Feb / March

  2. MX5 Only trackday at Teeside - Lead organiser @JDM_Clare DONE

3)Spring Performance Action Day - Lead Organiser - @Reechard MISSED
7th April

  1. Japfest - Lead Organiser - @Yetidragon DONE
    Sunday 6th May

  2. Retro Rides Weekender - Lead Organiser - @Yetidragon - club identifier number zusovccuyoo MISSED
    Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May 2018

  3. JDM Combe - Lead Organiser - @Reechard MISSED
    2nd June

  4. Weekend Trip to Lemans Racing 16th and 17th June, the trip will be a little longer :smiley: - Lead Organiser @TrikeLife94 7) Bromley Pageant - Lead Organiser - @TrikeLife94 MISSED
    Sunday 17th June

8 )Retro show - Lead Organiser - @Barefoot MISSED
Sunday 17th June

  1. Japfest Donington - Lead Organiser - @Yetidragon DONE
    Saturday 30th June
    Japfest Donington and Trax Donington

  2. Trax Donington - Lead Organiser - @Yetidragon DONE
    Sunday 1st July
    Japfest Donington and Trax Donington

  3. Summer Action @ Combe - Lead Organiser - @Reechard MISSED
    7th July

  4. Super Peaks Summer - Lead Organiser - @Lokki
    Sunday 15th July

  5. **Simply Japenese @ Beaulieu **

  1. Japanese Performance Show 2018 (indoor) - Lead Organiser - @Pip
    August 19th
    Jap indoor performance show 2018

  2. Retro Rides Gathering - Lead Organiser - @Yetidragon
    August 17th to 19th (Provisional dates)
    Punks do Retro Rides Gathering '18

  3. Miatas at Sevenum August 17th - 19th @JDM_Clare is organising an MX5Nutz stand at this MX5/Miata only show in the Netherlands… details here

  4. JAE - Lead Organiser - @Yetidragon - Team needed for this one - @JDM_Clare more needed!
    Thursday 30th August - Sunday 2nd September
    Punks do JAE 2018

  5. Trax Silverstone- Lead Organiser - @Yetidragon
    Sunday 7th October

  6. Forge Action Day - Lead Organiser - @Reechard
    8th Sept

  7. Super Peaks Autumn - Lead Organiser - @Lokki
    October Sometime

  8. Christmas Meet - Lead Organiser -
    Early Dec

  9. Rockingham Christmas Meet - Lead Organiser - @Yetidragon
    Boxing day

  10. Date TBC:- ACE Cafe - Lead Organiser -

  11. Date TBC - Southern Roiling road day, Courtesy of @mark ains - Lead Organiser -

Do we want to do all these? do we want to swap some / do extra?

Pure Ford 12th May (Castle Combe)- Lead Organiser -

Mini 29th Sept (Castle Combe) - Lead Organiser -

Introduce yourself.... and your car :D
Le Mans 24 Hours
Le Mans 24 Hours

Ace Cafe


Any dates for these matey?


Festival of Speed??


Jap indoor show, I think should be a defo for a decent club stand


Do we have dates for that yet @Pip ? Hopefully not clashing with RRG this year!


hi when and where is the christmas meet this year


It’ll be early December… But that’s as far as the planning has got so far lol


19th August :grin:


Excellent… added to the list :smiley: thanks matey :smiley:


No, was thinking more of a ‘free’ non-show day.


I am also up for this one as I had full intention of attending this year, until my car broke. The grounds looked awesome and it’s South which is good for me lol!

Hoping to attend more next year. Probably with the 5, just got to make it a little less stock…


Simply Japenese is on the 29th July.


added to the list in OP.

@MonkeySpanker yeah I’d like to go to ACE cafe at some point :smiley: lets get set show dates fixeed in calendar athen plun in a road trip around thel :slight_smile:


We are upto 18 events so far spread over the year… any more suggestions before we start working out what we can actually manage?


Just as a bit of an off the wall suggestion. There’s a wicked (and award winning) Cafe ten minutes drive from Silverstone called the “Super Sausage” that do a banging full English and often have car and bike meets. Prior to one of the Silverstone shows or as a stand-alone thing we could have a Combustionpunks “sausage fest” sniggers meet at the cafe? Happy to talk to the owners to try and set something up.


Yeah you have mentioned this one to me before and you are right, could be awesome :slight_smile: I’ll add it to list and see how it could fit in with stuffs :slight_smile:


Dammit, just realised not even got any of the combe stuff up yet… Spring performance action day, and JDM combe we did this year…



Simply Jap at Beaulieu is a must, last year was incredible… Weather, layout, venue, Stands… Drive down and the museum were well worth it too! Ill be there again next year for sure :slight_smile:
Barefoots Really Retro show is a growing event with a mad variety of all things classic, rallied, restored, American, custom and more. Deffo a vote for that too!

I won’t say what shows i won’t be at, think I’ve moaned about Kelsey Media and their monopolizing rape tactics enough for one year :joy: