Pre made show subframe and arms


Hey guys, I’m thinking of offering prebuilt subframes and arms for mk1 and mk2s. Was thinking of powder coated frames with hydro dipped arms in any design fitted with new standard or uprated poly bushes, new drop links and ball joints ect.
The basis of the idea would be to allow people to exchange with the old units and make it easier for people to refurb thier chassis components.
Rather than have the car off the road for days/weeks it could be a days work to swap them over.

At this point im just gauging interest whether it would be worth doing… obviously discount to fellow punks but would it be of interest to any one?


i personally think its a great idea


Great idea you might want to see if you can strike up a deal with someone like PM Sportscars and buy a few at a time to supply demand ( if price is right)


I know a fair few breakers that I can get a stock from to start up :grin:


Definitely something worth doing if you have the time Pip. Seems to be quite the rage to do atm, too #getonthat!! :sunglasses: