Pobobys nerfect badge

Name:- pobodys Perfect badge

Criteria:- To be awarded to anyone who persistantly writes in text speak, or in block capitals, or who drops a hilarious spelling clanger either of their own accord or through auto correct. Also automatic 5 points to anyone that posts anything without a single piece of punctuation!
In no way intended to single out folks that have difficulty with such things, just those that can’t be arsed to make the effort or become victims of their own technology!

Aims:- A bit of fun really, and hopefully encourage folks to take the time to write legible posts in proper English and maybe take the time to read through what they are about to post before hitting the button!

Gold, silver and bronze system for 5, 10 and 15 offenses only coloured beige, brown and baby shit coloured. To be awarded jointly by the Mods.

  • Yuuussss! It’s not just me that hates text speak!!!

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Fck dat shit man! Yolo

I only voted no because it was cool bro.
I actually hate text speak, try to only use certain abbreviations

I dislike text speak too. However, I don’t want to see a badges that encourages crap like that.

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It’s a no from me. If I had my way, a spelling and grammar test would be part of the sign-up process.